Review: ProCook Cookie Cutters

As you will know if you’ve read ole bloggy for a while, we do a fair bit of baking at home – the kids love to ‘help’ and, of course, eat the results. This week we decided to try one of Katy’s recipes from the CBeebies I Can Cook website and, since we had been sent a set of Cookie Cutters to try, we chose Katy’s Shortbread.

This recipe is very easy to follow and the only change I made was to take out the cherries and add chocolate chips. The resulting biscuits are light, crumbly and really tasty so it’s definitely a recipe I’d recommend.

The Cookie Cutters we tried out are made by ProCook who manufacture a wide range of cookware, including cutters in an array of shapes and at various prices. We were sent the foot-shaped cutters, where three sizes come in a tin for £4. The feet were an instant hit with biggest boy – I am trying to build up a range of different shapes so we’re not just cutting circles out all the time, so add these to our snowflakes, snowmen, stars and candy canes and baking need no longer be dull! Manufactured in stainless steel, the feet go happily into the dishwasher for easy cleaning and the cutting edges are sharp enough to go through dough, pastry and icing, but not sharp enough to catch little fingers!

The results of our endeavours were:

Delicious but, by the time they’d come out of the oven, the feet were a little more like blobs – however I’d blame that on my dough rather than the cutters – they were perfect foot shapes when they went in (honest Guv’nor!).

To check out the full range available from ProCook, take a look at their website where they have any cookware that you can imagine, from silicon cake tins to knives to ceramics. Although the prices are generally reasonable, they do also have a clearance section which has some real bargains in.

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  1. Kirsty says:

    Like baking is ever dull!

    I see you got the posh china out for the pics!

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