Mold Food Festival: My Picks…

As, I mentioned, I went to the Mold Food Festival over the weekend and thought I’d let you know all about it! Primarily, our visit was to see family, but Biggest Boy and I popped down to the festival with MIL and FIL and had a really nice time.

We got there early, so were able to look around the marquees while they were still fairly empty – great for me as it got quite busy later on – and we were able to browse at our leisure. There were any number of butchers, bakers, wineries, delicatessens and so forth to look for, but I did pick out a few favourites, which I’ll tell you about later. The whole event also had cookery demonstrations, live music, plenty for the the kids to do and, of course, plenty to eat and drink – either bought or sampled from exhibitors. Biggest Boy had a great time on the teacup ride and on the trampolines and was very good while mummy watched Jean-Christophe Novelli’s first cookery demonstration.

The cooking demonstrations, plus various baking and cooking competitions took place in a marquee sponsored by Aga Rangemaster. I saw the end of the Teen Cuisine competition, in association with Deeside College, and the winner of this goes on to the National competition, and then sat back for Mr Novelli. I have to say, that although he was warm, funny and did cook, he didn’t actually cook a great deal! There were a further two demonstrations during the day which I was unable to attend, so perhaps he cooked more in those sessions! There was then an opportunity for photos and autographs, but the queue was massive!

The whole event was very lively and there was a good range of food, drink and other things on display – the live music also added some atmosphere to the event and I wish I could have stayed a little longer.

As I said, there were some things that stood out for me so I’ll just add a bit about each of them:

Patchwork Pate
Working in North Wales, Patchwork Pate makes some really original and tasty pates using fresh, local ingredients. My favourite was the chicken liver, chilli and lemongrass pate, which was really tasty with quick a kick! Having said this, it wasn’t overpowering but just nicely warm after you’ve finished eating. As a limited edition pate, Patchwork are producing a squirrel pate – yes, you read that right – and ask for a donation to go to Friends of Anglesey Red Squirrels in lieu of payment. I thought this was a quirky idea and quite agreed with it because of our local red squirrel population on Brownsea.

Toffoc is a ‘home brewed’ toffee-flavoured vodka brewed on Anglesey. I’m not a fan of vodka after a drunken incident, however, this was lovely as it did have a nice, warming taste of toffee. I could quite go for it as a Baileys substitute too!

North Wales Buffalo
I thought this was a bit different – Buffalo meat and products bred in North Wales. Although buffalo is the main business, North Wales Buffalo also do some lovely traditional meat products, including pork and chive sausages, which were blimmin’ lush!

So all in all a great day out and in the diary for next year!

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  1. Hmm the vodka may be worth a taste. Think I’ll skip the meat products and squirrel pate though. Assuming it was grey squirrel

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