My Big, Fat, Awesome Wedding!

Well, it’s been a month since our fantastic wedding and we’ve just got the official photos back, so I can do an great big post to tell you how awesome it was… Everything went as planned and there were no hitches at all – we had exactly the wedding we wanted and think everyone enjoyed it – but to be honest, if they didn’t I didn’t notice!

Getting Ready
My dear friend and bridesmaid, Kirsty, kindly lent her home our for getting ready. Mr W got ready at our house with smallest child and the rest of us decamped to Kirsty’s in time for hair and make up to commence at 11am. As I’ve mentioned before, the lovely Zoe and Vanessa from Soda Beauty & Blow Dry Bar in Bournemouth did my hair and make up and what they did on the day was even better than during the trial and I was really happy with it.

I had a real blast getting ready, it was nice to just hang out for a while and gave me an excuse to wear my dressing gown in the middle of the day – big, huge thanks go to Kirsty for letting us invade her home and providing tea cakes, croissants and pink fizz!

After that it was into the dress and shoes and now it’s all over I can post a pic of my gorgeously green ensemble. Isn’t it fantastic?? I love my shoes, and the jacket covered a multitude of bingo-winged sins!

Getting There
So off we went to Upton House, in a lovely old Rover from White Lady Cars. They are based in Poole and, for the service we got from them, were very reasonable.

Getting Wed
So, the moment arrived for our ceremony. It was a little daunting to get up in front of most of the people we know with everyone looking at us, but it was all quite quick! Kirsty read a poem she had written for us, which was lovely, but turned into a little bit of a blub-fest. Nevertheless, it all went off a Bob’s Yer Uncle we were married!

All The Rest Of It!
The rest of the day was lovely, the weather held out for us and it was a bright, sunny, hot day – perfect for the photos and lovely to be able to take advantage of the beautiful gardens at Upton House. The dinner (a nice roast) was lovely too, although I didn’t eat very much – unusual for me, but there was not a lot of room in that dress! For the dinner, I did a short table quiz and asked everyone what wanted to enter to pay £1 which then went towards my lovely friend Jay’s trip to Uganda this month to give free eye test and spectacles to people who need them but can’t afford them (incidentally, she’s still fundraising if you’d like to donate!) and, thanks to the generosity of our guests, she was able to add £50 to her total! I did the quiz because I love quizzes, but I was told that it was actually a good icebreaker, as everyone was mixed up for dinner so it turned out well.

After dinner we had some short speeches – big thanks to my Dad who is NOT a public speaker and also to Craig, Mr W’s best man and to my new husband (hee hee) who also said some lovely words and was a general peach during the day! I said a few words in an attempt to mark the passing of my Grandad only 3 months ago, but it ended up *blub* Grandad *blub* toast, so was not my finest moment!

After the dinner was cleared away, tea and coffee was served in the study where we had our piece de resistance – the sweetie stand from One Sweet Day. Laura had done a wonderful job of decorating the stand in our colours and matching the display sweets into the scheme and I think it was a hit! At this point, we also had the lovely cakes, made by Cupcakes by Louise and they were just gorgeous!!

Finally, our evening do started and – my favourite thing – Karaoke!!! But first, our ‘first song’ turned into a ‘first dance’, but it went on a leetle too long for my liking! Mr W and the best man then started the the singing off by doing YMCA – and Mr W’s family were AMAZED that he was taking part. Then that ladies and I did our signature number, Stop by the Spice Girls and the evening was all kinds of awesome from there onwards.

I was sorry that it all had to end – it all went so quickly and I didn’t get the chance to talk to everyone as much as I’d like cos I was too busy having a good time!

But there we are, I’m sure I’ll be blogging about the different elements over on the wedding blog, but here are some more pics from our special day – enjoy!

All photos taken by Sam at SJB Photography.

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13 Responses to My Big, Fat, Awesome Wedding!

  1. It really was a fabulous day; you were a gorgeous bride and a fantastic wedding planner. The day was amazing and the pictures capture it beautifully. Thank you having us!

  2. Rover's aunt says:

    The day really was awesome, you did an amazing job organising everything. Your dress was spectacular and you looked such a beautiful bride Stacey. Rover is a very lucky man and we are all so pleased and proud that you now carry the Woods family name!

  3. Rover's aunt says:

    Where did you get the wedding music from? The music whilst waiting for the ceremony to start? I’m sure I heard the most beautiful, instrumental version of Dancing Queen which I simply MUST obtain! Please advise!

  4. Kirsty says:

    It was a fantabulous day and I think a few of us want to steal the sweetie stand idea.
    So happy to have been part of your day (once again sorry for the early descent into blubfest).
    Maybe it’s time for a bridesmaid post on my blog talking about how I didn’t have to deal with a bridezilla thankfully!

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  6. Becky from babybudgeting says:

    You look so beautiful thank for sharing thi at the blog carnival and congratulations i wish you peace love and friendship all your days. xxxxx

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