Monthly Milestones: September 2011

I’m sitting here wondering what to post about, then suddenly remember I haven’t done my Monthly Milestones, hosted by Sarah at The Expat Bride. Although the Linky is closed, I’ll do it anyway as September was a fairly big month for me!

As I noted my my previous post, we got married! Yes, the wedding went ahead and was everything we had hoped for, even down to the weather so, yay us! I’m still tying up some loose ends in terms of what to do with some of the leftover bits and bobs (like table plan) and writing thank you cards and things, but it was awesome and I think about it every day :0)

Moving on from that, I don’t know quite what to do with myself now, but I’m sure I will be able to fill the time with sorting out my house. I’ve decided that my next big task will be getting together and listing on eBay things like baby clothes and baby items that we have loads of, but no need of anymore. It’s a big task as I said, but if I can do it piece by piece it’ll get done (I hope!).

Sadly, I stepped on the scales this week and was very glum – not good news, all the hard work I put in over a year ago is now completely undone so another big going forward task is trying to lose some weight (again). I had hoped to shed some pounds for the wedding, but sadly was too much of a fat pig to do so, so I want to put this right now…

So there we are, some big things gone and coming up. Hopefully next month I will a) make the linky and b) have something good to write about!


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