Book Review: Body Work by Sara Paretsky

You may recall a while ago I reviewed Hardball by Sara Paretsky and that I am a big fan of the VI Warshawski novels. Almost straight after reading Hardball I made my way into the next in the series, Body Work (sponsored).

Body Work begins with the murder of a young artist behind Club Gouge, and edgy night spot in Chicago. It turns out that she was there to see the headline act, a woman known only as ‘The Artist’, who allows the audience to paint on her naked body while she sits on stage. The murdered girl had begun to paint on The Artist and her work had enraged an Iraq veteran in the audience for some unknown reason. When the young woman dies the finger is pointed at the veteran who has – seemingly – tried to kill himself out of guilt. VI Warshawski is engaged by the veteran’s family to find out what happened and – hopefully clear his name.

This book is another great addition to the VI Warshawski collection, the immediate death of the victim within the first few pages definitely grabs you! VI is her usual hound-dog self in tracking down the truth, but this time she has her cousin (who she picked up in Hardball) along for the ride and helping her in her investigations. The plot is intricately woven and seemingly insignificant things are all wrapped up in the final conclusion, which is both clever and contemporary.

I’ve read that Sara Paretsky is already working on the next novel, which I await with interest!!

Body Work is available from the link above and most book shops.

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