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So, I know the kids have only just gone back to school, but already the autumn half term is looming – looming I tells ya! I always struggle for holiday ideas to keep the kids amused, especially as my little one is not yet 18 months and finding activities for both of them can be difficult. To help with this, we were recently sent Yummy Dough to try.

Yummy Dough is an edible modelling clay which you make up with water in four colours (red, yellow, blue green) and use as you would regular modelling clay. The best thing with Yummy Dough though is that it is made from food-grade ingredients so if your child should start eating (as my youngest did immediately) it is totally safe and won’t even given them a bad tummy.

It was a little messy for mummy to mix up the Yummy Dough, but that’s modelling clay for you! We used our new ProCook Feet Cookie Cutters with the dough and made some foot shapes, but also tried to follow the instruction book to create some of the things they recommended – we could just about manage eggs, but other than that we proved our non-artistic skills and wouldn’t you just know it, I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find the photos! Grr – they must be on my old camera. Ah well, no matter.

As I said, there is an instruction book in the packet which tells you, importantly, how to mix the dough together with specific quantities of water and also shows images of what can be made and the Yummy Dough website has some brilliant information for parents and children with further ideas and things to make. One of the good things about Yummy Dough is that when the kids are finished making their works of art, they can then be baked in the oven, then either saved or consumed!

I must confess that we didn’t take to the taste of the dough, so all of our art works were saved for future viewing and playing.

Yummy Dough is available in a range of pack sizes and at a range of prices from around £6 and you can find it in toy stores and online at, for examples, Amazon – it’s well worth buying for an afternoon activity this half term and if you do buy it, please let me know what you make – I’ll try and post the pictures I took, if I can find them!

This is a sponsored post in that we were sent the product to review. All opinions are, as ever, my own!

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