CybHer12 – Let me be your walking advert!


After having started ole bloggy earlier this year, I’ve found it’s quite fun and all that, but I would love to take it all a bit more seriously. To this end, I’ve decided I’d love to go to CybHer 12, a really exciting blogger event for female bloggers. My aim is to pick up some tips on how to be a better blogger and keep producing new and interesting content that is relevant to my gorgeous family.

Speaking of my family, I am mum to two boys, biggest boy (3) and littlest lad (1) and we live in Dorset. I try to blog about things we do, things we use and (ahem) myself quite a bit, but I have a good reader following and I have ‘met’ (mainly through Twitter) some fab ladies and gents who I hope I will get to meet in person at CybHer 12. I was also, until recently, one of the Theatre writers at Brew Drinking Thinkings, an exciting monthly magazine for all types of women and I have also contributed guest posts to a number of popular blogs.

So what can I give you in exchange for your sponsorship? I will:

– Exclusively promote your business at CybHer 12 and wear branded clothing/carry branded bags at the event
– Put your logo in prime position on my site for 12 months
– Collect names of other attendees who may be interested in your company (if any) and forward them any information you provide
– Write a post introducing your company as my sponsor, featuring any keywords, links or products you wish
– Review any of your products on the site leading up to the conference
– Mention your company in and place your logo on any posts relating to CybHer 12
– Use your logo and mention you as sponsor on my business cards for the event

I’m also happy to discuss any of the above and any other things that you may think appropriate.

In return for for the above, I will need:

– Registration to CybHer 12 (£100)
– Transportation costs (approximately £65 from Dorset)
– Hotel accommodation for one night (approximately £100)

Total £265, although exact costs can be confirmed nearer to the conference.

So there we have it; if you are interested in sponsoring me and would like to discuss it further, please email me at, or contact me on Twitter (@svmitche).

Thank you for reading this – I hope to hear from you soon!


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