Review: Linicin – Banish those nasty nits!

My eldest lad started preschool this time last year and until we had a nit advisory from the preschool telling us that a child in the setting had nits I must confess that the possibility of these little nasties had not even crossed my mind. Obviously in an environment where you get a lot of kids together they will pick things up, and because I have a mortal fear of all things icky and crawly, I needed to find some kind of treatment or preventative measure. I was recommended to try a well-known brand of shampoo which claims to keep 8 out of 10 children nit free, but we have also been sent a new preventative spray to try.

It’s the new preschool year, so we’ve been trying Linicin preventative spray to keep those nasty bugs away and so far we’re still nit free in our house – now I can’t in all honesty say that this is because of the spray, as we’ve not had any advisories as yet, but when the inevitable nit warning comes, I’ll certainly update the review!

In terms of using the spray, it’s quick and easy to apply, making sure the hair is completely covered – biggest boy isn’t keen on the application process, but it’s very quick and painless so not too stressful! The spray also keeps hair protected for up to 7 hours, which is perfect as he is only in preschool for 4 hours a day. One big point in the spray’s favour is that it doesn’t smell like those nit shampoos and things of yesteryear – I remember having nit treatment and EVERYONE knew because your hair smelled so terrible the next day – the spray does have and aroma, but it’s not a nasty whiff! All of Linicin’s products are mild and non-toxic and DO NOT contain insecticides, so they are kind and gentle to the scalp and have been thoroughly dermalogically and clinically tested.

One small downside in our household is that the spray in NOT recommended for those under 2 – since our youngest is under 2 he will have to stick with the other shampoo (although Linicin also make a range of specific nit and headlice treatment shampoos).

The Linicin Prevent Spray is available from a range of stockists priced at £7.49 for 100ml and since you only need a few squirts that seems like fair value. To find out more about the spray, Linicin’s othjer headlice treatment products and to find stockist information, take a look at the Linicin Website.

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