Review: Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth

I do hesitate to talk about housework as it’s my least favourite topic and activity, but I was recently sent a sample of Multi Cloth from Thirst Pockets to try and I have to say I did like it.

The Multi Cloth is new from Thirst Pockets and, although it comes on a roll like traditional kitchen paper, it is specially designed to be as strong and versatile as a regular cloth or duster. I tend to use a lot of those disposable blue kitchen cloths, as they start to smell fairly quickly but by using Multi Cloth it’s a simple matter of tearing off a sheet, using and chucking, making it more hygienic and at an average cost of £2.39 for two rolls, quite cost effective.

I used the two rolls in about a fortnight for dusting and general kitchen cleaning and they were durable and just as effective as a regular dish cloth or duster. The two roll Multi Cloth pack is available from all the major supermarkets and is well worth trying out.

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