Book Review: The Cake Stall from Australian Women’s Weekly

If you remember way, way back into the early nineties, when Neighbours was in its heyday, you may remember mention of the Lamington. This mystery item was talked about often e.g. Harold’s made Lamingtons, these Lamingtons are delicious Charlene etc etc but I was never clear what they were. Until now. I was recently asked to review a recipe book from Australian Women’s Weekly called The Cake Stall and, as the title suggests, it is a book full of things that you’d find at a bake sale or on a roadside lemonade stand – cute little recipes that look delicious. Among them, the fabled Lamington.

Now, I tried the recipe, eagerly wanting to taste this mystery treat and I have to say that they were a disaster – this, however, says more about my cooking than the recipe as I was limited for time so did rush the egg whisking, so they were not fluffy and nice, but more like a very thick omelette! What they should be is a light, fluffy, sponge square, coated in rich chocolate icing and coconut and I have since read some other reviews of this recipe which look like they have turned out quite well for other people, so it’s clearly just me!

Another recipe which caught my eye was for whoopie pies – I will definitely be having a go at those – and there are also some lovely recipes for things that you could use as Christmas gifts, such as toffees, macaroons and candied popcorn.

All the recipes are easy to follow, with clear measurements and accompanied by beautiful pictures and a well-written method. It’s definitely a great book to have on the shelves, especially for quick treats for the kids, of which there are many in the book.

The book is available widely, and at Amazon, for example, is priced at around £12.

Please note: This post supported in that we were sent the book to review and all links to the title above are Amazon affiliate links. All opinions are, however, my own.

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    Could be difficult to find well-informed persons within this issue, however you sound like you understand what you are preaching about! Many thanks

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