Do You Chocolat?

I think chocolate is my favourite thing, but GOOD chocolate is even better, so I was delighted to recently receive a gorgeous package of loveliness to try from Hotel Chocolat. I am a big fan of Hotel Chocolat and remember years ago being given a large chocolate slab covered in coffee beans which was just amazing and all of their chocolates make a fantastic gift (hint hint if my family and friends are reading this…)

The selection we tried was the Christmas Chocolate Goody Bag, containing six Billionaire’s Shortbread chocolates, a milk/white chocolate slab, a milk/dark Christmas wreath and a milk chocolate reindeer. It didn’t last long.

The bag itself is beautifully presented, but the contents were a real treat. From the velvety smooth praline in the Billionaire’s Shortbread, to the Christmas wreath which was packed with fruit, biscuit and nuts every item was as delicious as the last. It’s well worth the Β£17 price tag and, as I said, they didn’t last long at all :0/

This gift bag is part of Hotel Chocolat’s range of Christmas gifts and there is plenty there for all tastes and budgets. If you’re looking for some stocking fillers for the children, then these are catered for as well, and if you do happen to buy online from Hotel Chocolat there are some free gift options if you spend over Β£60.

To find out more about Hotel Chocolat and their delicious range of lovelies, take a look at their website, their Facebook page or their Twitter page.

BUT! The lovely people at Hotel Chocolat are giving YOU the opportunity to win the Christmas Chocolate Goody Bag in my giveaway. Yay!

This competition has now closed and the winner, chosen through, was Louise. I’ve contacted her to arrange delivery of her prize. Well Done Louise!

So, to enter the competition please do the following:

  • Browse the Hotel Chocolat Christmas range and comment on this post telling me which items in the Hotel Chocolat range you like the look of, and leaving me a way of getting in touch with you
  • For an extra entry, tweet the following:
  • I’ve entered to win a Hotel Chocolat Christmas Chocolate Goody Bag with @svmitche

    Important Notes:
    The competition will end at 10pm on Monday 21st November and a winner will be selected at random and notified the next day. If I have not heard from the winner by Saturday 26th November, then I will select another. UK entrants only please. Good luck!

    The Christmas Chocolate Goody Bag for myself and the winner have been supplied by Hotel Chocolat, but all opinions on the product are entirely my own.

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    89 Responses to Do You Chocolat?

    1. Cath says:

      Oh. My. God. I *WANT* this!!!! How could you possibly expect me to choose just *one* thing from the selection?! Having experienced the deep bliss that is Hotel Chocolat in the past I can only say I am insanely jealous of your Goody Bag. If I had to choose, I would probably go for the box of chilli penguins. Mainly because neither my husband or son would want to try them (mine, all miiiiine).
      I will be tweeting too. Repeatedly, if it gets me extra entries πŸ˜‰

    2. Mel Butcher says:

      I’d love to try The Christmas Cuisine Gift Basket, it’s really intriguing me.

    3. I could be greedy and say the Β£100 hamper with added alcohol ;0) but quite like the look of the Goody Bag you had.

      I’ve had Some of their yummines in the past too. Hmmm. Fond memories.

      Tweeting too.

      • Stacey says:

        Ha, yeah – loadsamoney! Also, the prize is the goody bag, not what you pick from the site. Did I not make that clear? *madly edits post*

    4. kerri says:

      oh yummers alternative mince pies :))))

    5. Julie Glandfield says:

      Oh wow wow wow, they all look so delicious. If I could pick anything from the Christmas range it would be the Luxury Truffles to Share Christmas Advent Calendar. I would love opening this each day with a nice cup of tea and my hubby. I would just have to make sure he didn’t eat them both.

    6. Kerry Robinson says:

      I know the perfect person to give this to as a Christmas present. ME.

    7. andrea miles says:

      I love the chocolate chilli pengiuns & this is my favourite brand of chocolate

    8. andrea miles says:

      tweeted as @andreamiles2

    9. Kate says:

      The Classic Christmas Basket looks fab, it’s the only way there would be enough to share in my house!!

    10. Rover's aunt says:

      Oh my, Christmas could get messy this year! I’ve just ordered the Chocolate Christmas crackers for my Christmas table and the Chocolate Nutty Yule Log. Thinking of the Yule log (did I say thinking…meant drooling) you need to tell your contacts at Hotel Chocolat that there is an error in the description of the product. They have used the word “share”. I’m sorry but that word and the Nutty Yule Log should NOT be in the same sentence. I know Christmas is all about giving & not receiving and sharing, but I am NOT going to share that bad boy with anyone!! It looks delicious. A fantastic alternative for those of us who hate Christmas cake (no choc), Cbristmas puds (no choc) & mince pies (again no choc).

    11. Ashleigh says:

      I love the look of the christmas wreath! Yummy and festive πŸ™‚

    12. Sam B says:

      I’m not a big fan of mince pies, but the alternative mince pies look so yummy!
      Tweeted @scb_88

    13. Raj Sandhu says:
      I like the tree decorations, but they wouldn’t last for long!

    14. Amy Cartwright says:

      Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Yes Please! I’d love this!! Thanks for a great comp x

    15. Judy Wright says:

      I would like to try it all!!

    16. FionaLynne Edwards says:

      Wow! Who doesn’t love chocolate! I would have to choose the Captivating Advent Calendar – one yummy Hotel Chocolat chocolate a day for 25 days! Yummy!

    17. FionaLynne Edwards says:

      Sorry forgot to say have tweeted too @figgygee

    18. ANNE BOSTWICK says:

      I would love Father Christmas to swing by on his sleigh and leave me a few boxes of Tiddly Reindeer milk chocolates and Rudolph dark chocolates.

    19. Amelia Kennedy says:

      Wow, I’d love to try some of these – wonderful for Christmas! Just off to tweet x

    20. Amelia Kennedy says:

      Whoops, forgot to say, I’d love to try the cocoa pasta!

    21. kelly says:

      i refuse to answer , there are so many yummy things i can’t decide on just one

    22. gillian hunter says:

      Ultimate Christmas Hamper looks aaaaaaamazing!!!!

    23. Lia says:

      I love CHOCOLATE! It would be the best Christmas present for me!

    24. Wendy Duckworth says:

      I’d love to win this as I’m a chocaholic!!

    25. Sherin Mashud says:

      How can i resist chocolate…the second love of my life, well the husbands the first of course ;)…lol

    26. Sarah Laycock says:

      I love the Christmas Goody bag – so compact and festive!

    27. Sarah Laycock says:

      Have tweeted @scrumpy11

    28. Julie Davies says:

      Would love the Truffles to Share Advent Calendar, such a good idea, not sure I would share though, would probably have to eat both chocolates myself !!

    29. Julie Davies says:

      tweeted as @juliedee4663

    30. Zoe G says:

      I would love the ultimate advent calendar, have tweeted, thanks for the competition as well

    31. Bonny Lewis Van says:

      Absolutely LOVE the look of all the Enrobed Fruits…but especially the succulent ginger and the cherries! Yes, please!!!

    32. rebecca W says:

      Yes YES yes please … thank you & goodluck to all πŸ˜€

    33. Stephanie Tsang says:

      I love the Happy Family Christmas Hamper!

    34. A. Harrington says:

      I love all chocolate!! totally addicted to it all.

      If I had to pick one it would be the Classic Christmas Basket, which I would snuffle up immediately!

    35. Michaela Williams says:

      I’m the biggest chocoholic in UK!!

    36. A. Harrington says:

      ^^forgot to say in my excitement, that I following you on Facebook under name of anthony harrington x

    37. Anne Thompson says:

      Last year we tried the classic Christmas selection, and have to say they were absolutely delicious and would recommend them, to everyone.

    38. lisa williams says:

      chocolate is good but luxury chocolate is even BETTER. xx πŸ™‚

    39. Jay says:

      If I’m honest, I’d probably go for the one you had – I love their seasonal goody bags with lots of new things to try. Think my favourite ever was a summer one which contained – among lots of other things – some rhubarb flavoured white chocolate. Very yummy!!

      @cheekychicken24 on Twitter – have tweeted too!

    40. Laura Barker says:

      I like the tiddly penguins and reindeer. I love novelty Christmas chocolates!!

    41. Caroline Ashton says:

      I’ve tweeted as @comps53.

      Also my favourite would be the The Happy Family Christmas Hamper – as to receive it would make this family very happy indeed! All that choice – the tiddly reindeer, the yule log, the alternative mince pies, etc., etc. Where would you begin… and could you get your favourite before someone else snatches it? You’d have a similar problem with your prize – which to have first? Decisions, decisions!

    42. shell says:

      looks like the diet will be starting later next year

    43. clare davies says:
      fab pretty chocolate slab easy on the eye and the tastebuds! nice to look at but i bet its better to eat!!!!

    44. Natalie Stewart says:

      The Goody Bag looks amazing, but I would have to choose the Christmas Family Hamper….. It’s a hard choice to narrow down, so I’ve chosen based on the word Family- I’m expecting our first child at Christmas, and the Family Hamper would be a lovely celebration!

    45. Pam says:

      Wow, so many scrummy things to choose from.I would go for the Goody bag of the season.

    46. Pam says:

      Tweeted @cheesecakefanat

    47. Mrs H says:

      Alternative mince pies, perfect for me as I cant stand mince pies!!

    48. Daisybeebee says:

      How yummy !! I love the look of the Rather Large Christmas cracker , fantastic for sharing with family and friends over christmas.
      @daisybeebee xx

    49. Daisybeebee says:

      Tweeted @daisybeebee xx

    50. liz denial says:

      I love them all but particularly the christmas mini crackers

    51. JO JONES says:

      Crumbs! The alternative mince pies have got my mouth watering.

    52. Gail says:

      Definitely the orange tangs! Chocolate + orange = my idea of heaven πŸ˜€

    53. Adele A says:

      Mmm my mouth was watering just browsing their site!

      I looked at the Hotel Chocolat range, I think some of the seasonal products like the caramel chocolate penguins are such a cute idea for a stocking-filler! But one of my personal favourites that I can’t get enough of are the truffles selection! Nom nom. So indulgent! <3

    54. dorit vaknine says:

      i like the idea of the christmas goody bag, looks delectable πŸ™‚ and the chocolate is fab in there!

    55. Sabita Ramachandran says:

      I love the look of Dasher the Reindeer and also the Winter Desserts

    56. Sabita Ramachandran says:

      Tweeted @sram3280

    57. CAROLINE DAVISON says:

      The classic christmas collection would be perfect, but the more chocolate the merrier – nom nom nom!

    58. Teresa Lee says:

      The ‘Tiddly Milk Reindeer’ and the ‘Tiddly Caramel Penguins’ look like great stocking fillers for the grandkids…..oh! and don’t tell anyone, but maybe a ‘White Chocolate Frosty The Snowman’ for myself.

    59. DANIELLE VEDMORE says:

      This would be my dream!!! If only I was rich!!! xoxo

    60. DANIELLE VEDMORE says:

      Have tweeted too @tinkertink2010 xoxo

    61. LIZ ALEXANDER says:

      Oh my – it all looks so yummy ! For me it would have to be the little caramel angels. What more could you want! ( Nibbly Noel gives me horrific images of Noel Edmond, hee hee !! )

    62. Ashleigh says:

      i love the alternative mince pies!

    63. Ashleigh says:

      i have tweeted as @ashlallan

    64. Clementina says:

      The Christmas Advent Calendars for mum (sorry meant kids) πŸ™‚

    65. Jill Webb says:

      Would love to win this my favourite product is
      Triple Chocolate Wham Bam

    66. Tracy Nixon says:

      Thanks for the great review and giveaway!

      I love the Christmas Table Crackers – I would buy one for each family member to put on the Christmas table for when we have our Turkey Dinner. We always start our dinner off with a pull of a cracker each so we can wear the hat! Then we raise our glasses, have a toast, then pull some party poppers!!!! It is tradition for our family!

      These crackers would be a real treat as they contain gorgeous Christmas shaped chocolates!!!

    67. Tracy Nixon says:

      I have tweeted! @tracyknixon

    68. Lorraine R says:

      The Alternative mince pies look great.

    69. Karis says:

      I would have to go for Mulled Wine Cherries because they sound both Christmassy and delicious.

    70. Karis says:

      Have tweeted @lovetocomp

    71. Rachael G says:

      For me it would have to be the Alternative Mince Pies – they look and sound amazing!

    72. Debbie Bird says:

      I would pick the Family christmas hamper because there is something to keep everyone happy.

    73. Cecelia says:

      The Mulled wine Cherries sound delicious. I have seen the wreath and it looks gorgeous
      Tweeting @cistolic

    74. I think it would have to be the winter desserts for me.

      I will tweet too.

    75. Maxine says:

      I love the look of the alternative mince pies too, although I suspect that they wouldn’t last long!!!

    76. Maxine says:

      have tweeted @maxineflossy

    77. Sarah Parkes says:

      Thanks for the great giveaway! I’m really loving the sound of the alternative mince pies, so quirky!! I have tweeted @wordsfromsarah and you can contact me via twitter if i am lucky enough to win πŸ™‚ Thanks xxx

    78. sarah morris says:

      Love the look of the Tiddly Caramel Chocolate Penguins!!

      have tweeted @sarah34090

      fab giveaway! x

    79. Louise says:

      where to start? I particularly like the Ten Tree Decorations

    80. Louise says:

      Have tweeted @LouiseRWs

    81. Jay says:

      OMG, how could I pick just one?! I have a sneaking fondness for hollow chocolate figures, so I love the look of Dasher the Reindeer, but I’d love any of the mixed goodies that let you try several things in one. Yumorrific!

    82. Lyn says:

      They all look too good to resist πŸ™ Gonna have to go with the Classic Christmas Double Layer Selection πŸ™‚ great competition thanks x

    83. Susan Martin says:

      Oh I like the sound of the chocolate dipping adventure, would have to be the large one though
      Chocolate love chocolate and you get away with eating as much as you can at this time of the year

    84. Susan Martin says:

      Tweeted β€œI’ve entered to win a Hotel Chocolat Christmas Chocolate Goody Bag with @svmitche”

    85. Kim Carberry says:

      The Christmas Pamper Hamper looks great….Ohh if only I had the money πŸ™‚
      Great giveaway.

    86. Rhiannon howe says:

      I really want to trythe gingerbread hot chocolate. Immmmmmense. xx

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