Christmas Gift Ideas: Sevi Toys at John Crane Ltd

When I was first pregnant with first baby I had ideas about the type of toys he would have – I was hoping to be an ethical and educational mother whose child only had wooden and soft toys. Pah! Plastic toys are brilliant and numerous and we have hundreds. Nevertheless, it’s always reassuring and quite lovely to have some traditional, and colourful wooden toys in your arsenal and if you’re looking for some beautiful wooden toys this Christmas, then you’re in luck.

John Crane Ltd has recently joined forces with Italian toy maker Sevi to bring their range to the UK. There really is a toy for every child and every budget in the range which includes musical instruments, stacking blocks, wheel-along toys and even stocking fillers perfect for this time of year.

I particularly liked the Christmas-themed items (Father Christmas, Advent calendar, snowmen and tree decorations) which I’m sure would be used again and again in our house.

John Crane Ltd is currently busy stocking their warehouse with these beautiful toys, so until then you can find out more about the company on their website, on Facebook or on Twitter.

Some examples for you:

My favourite, the Advent Calendar

My little noisemakers would love this!

Perhaps I can train my two boys to be good, helpful cooks? Hmm…

This post was requested by Blog Match. Read more about John Crane Ltd and Sevi on their site.

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  1. Kirsty says:

    Good luck with the cookery training!

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