A Few Christmas Gift Ideas For Grown Ups…

although it still seems early to be talking Christmas, I’ve actually found my Christmas shopping quite easy this year – I’ve set a budget and stuck to it and although I’m not going to reveal what I actually bought (cos that would be cheating) I’m going to give you a look at what I could have bought.

For Her
Although I’m not able to shop there myself (they don’t do my size, ahem), La Senza have some lovely things for the ladies and I’m not just talking slinkies. Last year we bought some lovely warm pyjamas for Mr W’s mum. The great thing was that they were on offer at two pairs for £25 and this was such a bargain as they’re usually £30 for one pair. They are on offer again this year and are available in a range of designs and sizes (XS to XL). There are also some great deals on dressing gowns and other nightwear and underwear, so it’s well worth a look. The range is available online and through their stores.

For Him
I don’t know how sciencey your fellas are, but mine is quite. So, last year I bought him a signed copy of Professor Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Solar System. Th book accompanies the BBC series of the same name, so is much more of an entry-level science book that even I can understand! There are some lovely pictures as the book covers the story of our Solar System, in much the same way as the TV show but, seemingly, in more detail. In actual fact, the TV series would be a great companion piece to give with the book as it is available on DVD.

If this book is a hit, then there are also the Wonders of the Universe book and TV show, but maybe you can save that for next year?

A Unisex Gift
I had to give a mention to this little gadgy, mainly because I have one and used it with great success this year. You may recall my review of the Stewart Garden Propagator which we planted up back in April this year. Well, although my veggies were a bit unsuccessful thanks to my lack of preparation, the propagator itself worked fine, producing lots of seedlings and we’re definitely having another go next year. It’s actually quite rewarding to watch something you’ve planted from seed grow and since the smaller propagators can sit on your windowsill you can keep an eye. The most basic, non-electric propagator is available for £3.99 and the range goes right up to a spangly electric one for £54.99. For more information, take a look at the Stewart Company website.

So these are just a few gifts for the ladies and gents in your life but, like I said, I could have chosen lots more. I’ll continue this later in the week with my picks for the little uns.

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