The Choir: Military Wives #MWC4XNo1

Just a quick one while I think of it – I am a total sap when watching TV shows and such that are a teensy bit emotional, but I was in floods for AN HOUR yesterday while watching the final episode of The Choir: Military Wives.

I watched Gareth Malone’s last venture with the South Oxhey Choir and found it inspirational, but watching the Military Wives was something different. You hear the stories of military men going to Afghanistan and Iraq but don’t really give a thought to their families. I can’t even begin to imagine what I’d do if I was without my husband for six months – particularly knowing the danger he would be in, but these strong, dignified and humble women were really fantastic to watch as they eagerly gave their all to a new venture.

The culmination of the project, when the ladies sang at the Festival of Remembrance was wonderful – and such a beautiful song!

This really is the point of this post – today it has been announced that the song, Wherever You Are, will be released as a single on 5th December, so I would urge you to buy a copy if for no other reason than to keep the latest X-Factor dross off the top spot. These ladies have worked really hard and deserve all the recognition they are now getting and in all honesty it’s a beautiful, original song, inspired by their words and those of their husbands.

To catch up with the show, it’s on iPlayer and it is so worth watching, but keep lots of tissues handy for copious weeping.

And don’t worry – I’ll remind you when it’s available to buy, or just follow @MilWivesChoir on Twitter. A large number of the ladies also Tweet, but there is a list on the above account.

This is a Youtube video of the song (excuse the watermark):

On a side note, these programmes are a fantastic advert for choral singing, which doesn’t just have to be in church. Well done to Gareth Malone and all those involved!

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