The Preschool Xmas Nativity

Our Biggest Boy had his preschool nativity on Tuesday, so off we went, knowing that he knew all the words and really loved singing the songs. The only problem is that I don’t think he has inherited my liking for amateur dramatics, as he spent the whole thing sucking his thumb and refusing to sing a single word! According to his Preschool teacher they were just pleased that he walked down the aisle in the church as he had been refusing to do that – and all this on top of him being originally cast as Angel Gabriel, but switched to being a King after he refused to do ANYTHING by himself. At least he’s determined. Or should that be stubborn!?

Ah well, as soon as it was all over and we retired to the mini Christmas Bazaar he was fine and really happy to help on the stalls and choose a raffle prize (we actually won a raffle prize!), so maybe he’s just not keen on the stage.

But then, I do have to remind myself, he’s only 3!

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