Review: Sarah Millican, Thoroughly Modern Millican, Poole Lighthouse

If you’ve been reading my blog a while you might remember that I went to see the very funny Sarah Millican in Wimborne in February and had an hilarious time. Well, shortly after this outing Sarah’s newsletter popped into my inbox saying that she would be embarking on a new tour with new material through 2011/2012 so I bought tickets as soon as the box office opened (as a newsletter subscriber, two days before sale to the general public – ha ha!).

Thoroughly Modern Millican had much in common with Chatterbox in that the material is merely everyday life made funny, rather than relying on the shock factor or anything overly controversial – although Sarah does admit that she loves to swear (much like myself…). Sarah has become very well known over the past couple of years, appearing on TV a great deal, but you’ll find her live show is a bit more sweary and adult than her, necessarily, very clean TV performances. Similarly, her new Chatterbox DVD (sponsored) is recommended for over 15s so you’ve been duly warned!

I was, again, surprised that the audience was quite a mixture of ages and almost equally made up of men and women – I’d always regarded Sarah as very much a women’s comic, but obviously her appeal is much wider than that. The venue, at Poole Lighthouse, was much, much bigger than the previous venue I saw Sarah in, but the show still felt quite friendly and intimate. The audience were still encouraged to shout out and some of the answers people gave were hilarious – but I really don’t want to give too much away, as Sarah will be completing this tour next year – and for people local to me, she will be playing the BIC next year.

I’m a big fan of Sarah’s so will be following her work next year when she will be on TV in her own show and, hopefully, touring in my area again. I was pleased to see also that she won a British Comedy Award over the weekend, so yay for that! She’s a very funny lady and if you would like to find out more about her, you can check out Sarah’s website, where you can sign up to her newsletter – and take a look at her Pudding Button – there are some gorgeous ones on there!

The Chatterbox DVD (sponsored) is out now and if you go along to her tour next year there are signed copies available.

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3 Responses to Review: Sarah Millican, Thoroughly Modern Millican, Poole Lighthouse

  1. Amanda says:

    Just popping over from the Blow Your Own Blog Horn Blog Hop!

    My husband and I love comedy and Sarah is one of our favourites at the moment. I’d love to go and watch her live, maybe I’ll have to get my husband to take me if she ever comes anywhere near us now you’ve told us all how good she is!

  2. Jenni Davis says:

    Great to read this as we were there too… I too was expecting more females for some reason ! Great to see a good mixture of ages too. A great evenings entertainment…I too am a big fan, I love observational humour.
    I look forward to Sarahs next visit to The Lighthouse.

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