January ‘No Spend’ Challenge

I saw this morning that my dear friend The Crafty Little Blogger has decided to take part in this challenge originally set by Stephanie at the Full Of Great Ideas blog and further refined by Mother Hen Strikes Again.

While I wasn’t actually tagged to join in, I’ve decided to as I was going to start looking at our bank account this month anyway as we had the expense of our wedding last year, then obviously Christmas with the kids. I’m hoping to actually save a bit of money this year as, although we have used our wedding present money to go on two UK holidays with our children I’d really love to take them abroad somewhere and so would like to supplement the holiday fund – this might also be a way of getting into some good, longterm habits!

The aim of the challenge is not to spend no money, but rather to think about your essentials and non-essentials, for example, I would class clothes and shoes for the kids as an essential, but clothes for me and the Mr are more of a non-essential and might be an encouragement to get out those things we’ve not worn in an age! Similarly, groceries are, obviously essential, but do we need to be buying fizzy drinks and biscuits?

Mother Hen has put together a set of rules which are below but, as you can see I’ve interpreted them in my own, special way… ;0)

The 7 golden rules are:-

1. Thou shall not spend ANY money on Crafts

2. Thou shall not spend ANY money on DVDs, CDs, Books or Clothes

3. Thou shall not spend any money on Sweets or Treats (make whatever you got for Christmas last until February young lady!)

4. Thou shall only buy essential groceries and make savings wherever possible!

5. Thou shall only complete crafts with the items already in the house

6. Thou shall not go to ‘Coffee’ or ‘Lunch’ with other Mummies unless invited to their home or them to mine

7. Thou shall think “thrifty”

I like to think I ‘think thrifty’ where I can anyway, but I know I can make changes to be more so. I have decided, therefore, to make my usual Tesco shopping list online, then print it and take it to Lidl – if it’s cheaper in Lidl then I shall buy it there instead so, hopefully, making a saving. I have shied away from using Lidl for my main shop mainly due to worrying that they’ll not have what I want so I’ll have to make two trips, but this way I can at least check it out.

So there we are. If any of you would like to join in I’m sure you’ll be welcome but please do let me know what budgeting steps you’ll be taking in the new year.

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4 Responses to January ‘No Spend’ Challenge

  1. Great idea – thanks for linking up with the Thrifty Families Carnival. x

  2. I like the idea of seeing how little can be spent in one month and I think it can bring out your creative side. My top tip for spending no money on crafts, is to look in your recycling bin for craft materials – e.g. have a look at my gift tags made from upcycled materials post: http://ecothriftyliving.blogspot.com/2011/12/gift-tags-made-from-upcycled-materials.html

    • Stacey says:

      Thanks, I’ll take a look. Some of the other ladies in the challenge are actually trying to make active savings by, for example, making bath products and lotions rather than buying, whereas I think I’m just trying to keep a note and cut out the ‘mindless’ spending eg picking up a bottle of water without thinking.

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