The Right Way To Advertise to Women?

I have been irked recently, and that’s always a bad sign.

I listen to my local commercial radio station and one of the commercials always makes me tut because I think it’s a shocking way to advertise to women for what they claim is a woman-friendly service.

Basically, the business I’m talking about is a garage set up by women with the admirable aim of allowing women to come in with their cars and not feel patronised by the mechanics or uncomfortable in keeping their car well-maintained (which has not been my experience with a good, local garage anyway, but I digress…). All good so far, but their advertising is TERRIBLE.

The ad goes like this:

Come to our garage, we’re set up by women to make women feel comfortable bringing their cars in.’ Ok, sounds good.

Our mechanics won’t patronise you or try to rip you off with unnecessary work.’ Brill, I like the sound of that.

But then they go on to say…

Plus we’ve got hunky mechanics and free donuts!‘. Right, so you’ve spent the first half of the ad telling me I won’t be patronised if I come to your garage, then proceeded to patronise me by assuming the I want to ogle at your mechanics and scoff your donuts.

It may seem perfectly innocent and amusing to most of you, but for some reason this ad always irks me when I hear it. I’m sure they’re just trying to be funny, but for me the second half of this ad would stop me from using their business completely, despite the good points they make and the benefits of their service to a lot of women. Am I being a prude? I’d be interested to hear what you think…

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