Review: Higher Nature Special Dead Sea Soak

There are all sorts of tales of Dead Sea salt being good for you as it is high in minerals and so on, but I have to say I’m usually sceptical. I thought I’d give the Higher Nature Special Dead Sea Soak a go but didn’t really expect to be leaping from the bath fully detoxed and ready for action – and so it proved, but what I will say is that if you’ve not got the appetite for strongly fragranced bath bubbles or salts, then this natural bath soak may be one for you.

The salts themselves come in a cue little Kilner jar, with a wooden dosing scoop and a muslin bag – if you prefer you can add the salts to the bag and put that in the water, but I just put the salts directly into the water and it was just fine. The salts did make my bathroom smell salty and sea-like – something I love,living near the sea, so I was relaxed from this aspect of it and after the bath my skin was quite nice and soft so on the whole a good experience.

One thing I did think, from my own experience, was that these salts might be a good gift for a new mummy – I took salt baths after having stitches (ouch) and it really did help, although they don’t recommend that anymore, but instead of taking the Saxo upstairs to the bath, new mummy might feel a bit more spoiled by having this cute little jar to use in her bath?

The Special Dead Sea Soak is available from vitamin specialists Higher Nature, priced at £12.95 for a 400g pot and, based on the scoop size, this will last for a good long while, although a refill pack is also available.

Please note: I was sent the Higher Nature Special Dead Sea Soak to try, but the opinions are entirely my own.

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