What’s That Flavour? From Walkers

It’s funny how we’re all different in our tastes for food and things – I’ve a terrible sweet tooth and if it’s made of chocolate it’s ok by me, but my husband is more of a savoury fan, crisps (particularly good old cheese and onion) being a favourite! He doesn’t tend to diversify his flavour selection, but with £50,000 at stake, he could just be persuaded!

What's The FlavourWalkers, the brand much beloved by Mr Lineker, has just launched a new contest to guess the flavour of three varieties of its crisps, with a £50,000 prize available to three winners who guess the flavours correctly. It may seem a bit odd to grab a bag of crisps without knowing the flavour, but there are clues on the outside of the pack so you know sort of what you’re getting. When you’ve tried the variety, simply log on to the Walkers Facebook page or visit the Walkers website and make your guess.

The competition will close on Friday 9th March, when the new flavours will be revealed for the first time but in the meantime, Walkers will be releasing a series of clues on their Facebook page.

I think this is a really intriguing contest and having tried the flavours myself, I have to say I’m none the wiser, but really enjoyed the spicy one (red packet).

The contest is only open to over 16s and for full terms and conditions check the Walkers website.

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