Meal Planning Monday – 23rd January 2012 #MealPlanningMonday

Meal Planning Monday

This post is to join in with Meal Planning Monday, hosted by At Home with Mrs M and I have to confess that it’s a little cheat! I do my meal planning on a Thursday evening and shop on a Friday, so I’ve done my meal plan and scheduled this post for Monday – just need to remember to add to the linky!

Anyway, up til the start of the year I’ve been shopping on a fortnightly basis and topping up in between – quite why I thought this was a good idea I don’t know as the top ups were costing £20-£30 at a time! Still, we’re now on a weekly shop and by using up freezer stuff and only buying stuff we definitely need and very few treats the shopping budget is looking healthier!

So, my meal plan this week is/was:

Saturday – Pitta Pizza
Sunday – Roast Chicken, potatoes, veg
Monday – Beef Meatballs in Hidden Veg Sauce with pasta & Veg
Tuesday – Mixed Grill – Bacon, egg, sausage, beans (and black pudding for me!)
Wednesday – Leftovers for me, Fish Fingers and chips for them
Thursday – Kedgeree
Friday – Pasta & Pesto w salad

Saturday is a quick meal as I’m going out, but the rest of the week should be fairly straightforward. Not sure if the kids will eat the kedgeree, but we’ll try and I’ll have a standby if necessary – unfortunately my kids and my husband are fairly fussy eaters…

There are some lovely meal plans over at At Home with Mrs M – people are eating some lovely things this week!

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3 Responses to Meal Planning Monday – 23rd January 2012 #MealPlanningMonday

  1. I love it – especially the black pudding bit

    Don’t think anyone would eat kedgeree here , I have enough issue with rice being eaten!


  2. Pitta pizza sounds good much quicker than making homemade pizza

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