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This is the final prompt tie-up between Netmums and One Born Every Minutes. The theme of the show is Disability and Conception and although I can’t speak to the first, I can to the second!

I don’t kid myself about how lucky we’ve been with our children – both our children were conceived within a month or two of deciding to ‘try’, so I know we’re really, really lucky based on the number of couples who try for years to conceive before having to spend large amounts of money time, energy and heartache on IVF. I say this because I’d like to tell our story, but am aware that it may sound cocky, a bit ‘bish bash bosh’ and that’s really not my intention!

As I said, we’ve conceived both of our children naturally and with the first, we sort of decided that we weren’t getting any younger so if we were going to do it, it might as well be now – I had been saying that I wanted to lose weight before having a baby, but THAT didn’t happen! Anyway, trying commenced and I think I had one period after that, but then the following month I just KNEW I was pregnant. I suppose it’s because up til then my periods were regular as clockwork and I was suddenly late, but I can’t really describe it, like I said, I just knew. So because I just knew I had to definitely know, right then, that day so I went out in my lunch hour and bought a pack of pregnancy tests and took them back to work to do one – in the work toilets :0/ It’s funny with pregnancy tests, as you’re supposed to wait the allotted amount of time for the result to show, but you can kind of see it happening and it’s a weird feeling watching your pee climb up a piece of blotting paper (sorry!) for two little lines to appear!

I suppose it’s a bit bad and it’s not the romantic way to do it, but when I knew, I had to tell Mr W immediately – so I texted him, something along the lines of youhavetocallmei’vedoneapregancytestit’spositive I think! Looking back I see that’s not really the right way to do it, but by this time I was hopping from foot to foot.

After you’ve done the test it’s all a bit surreal as the test says you’re pregnant, you tell the Dr you think you’re pregnant and go through the booking with the midwife etc and perhaps have some pregnancy symptoms, but it’s not until the 12 week scan that they actually prove to you that there’s a baby in there – let’s face it, no periods, tiredness, sickness etc etc could be cancer for all you know until you go to the scan! But after that it’s such a relief! There really IS a baby and the secret you’ve been keeping from people (I don’t know how I did it, I’m crap at secrets!) can come out, although my work mates did say they wondered as I’d been falling asleep at lunchtime and going back and forth to the Dr as I was sick as a dog in those first months!

So like I said, I know we’ve been so lucky being able to conceive our children naturally and know if our cards had been dealt differently we might not have been so lucky.

Our First Scan - August 2007

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  1. Kirsty says:

    I was a bit worried what I was going to read when I read the title conception, conception, conception!

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