Adventures in Grocery Shopping #NoSpendChallenge

Now, I’m sure this is old hat for most of you, but I’ve recently stepped up my grocery shopping efforts to try and stretch our grocery budget as far as possible as part of a January No Spend Challenge.

As part of this, for the first time today I have done a main shop in Lidl. I’ve used Lidl before for bits and bobs and for those inexplicable items in their leaflet – for example, two years running I’ve bought Brio sets for my son for Christmas there as they were half price. But anyway, I usually use My Supermarket to make sure what I’m buying is the cheapest it can be in the cheapest store (usually Asda) so I plumbed in my list after meal planning this week, printed and took it to Lidl to see what was what.

lIDL On the whole, I did find it cheaper, but was surprised at what items were actually not. My mum has always sworn by Lidl fruit and veg being better and cheaper but for most of the things I wanted they were more expensive there – although the apples were bigger, to be fair and a tin of sweetcorn was more expensive than Tesco Value, for example.

So basically, I did £46.50 worth of shopping at Lidl, then £9.01 for items that were cheaper in Tesco and £12.34 for items that were cheaper in Asda, making a total of £67.85. Although yes, it did cost petrol to drive between the stores, they are in quite a close area so that wasn’t too much extra.

I’m fairly confident that this is the very least I could have spent this week, so I’m quite chuffed with it and our shopping bill this month will come in under £200 which has GOT to be a first for us!

What’s your shopping strategy? Do you use Meal Planning? Multiple Shops? Any other tips are gratefully received!

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