Meal Planning Monday – 30th January 2012 #MealPlanningMonday

I can’t believe another week has gone by and it’s now time to plan another week’s meals and shop for them! This post links up to At Home With Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday linky and there are some great ideas over there for family meals on a budget, so do take a look.

I have to say, last week was mostly successful. As I explained last time, I plan on a Thursday and shop on a Friday, at the time of writing, we’ve not had the kedgeree from last week yet and I already know that it will be only me eating it as the kids are a no-no and Mr W has turned up his nose at the idea, so they will be eating something else – tsk!

So, on to next week, the plan is:

Saturday – Fish Fingers and Chips for them, I’m having friends round for a pot luck/jacket potato supper
Sunday – Roast Chicken, pots, veg, yorkshire, stuffing
Monday – Leftover Bolognese, pasta
Tuesday – Bacon & Brie baguettes, salad
Wednesday – Sausage, beans, egg
Thursday – Lemony Mushroom Spagetti (from this book that I am reviewing) for grown ups, pasta and pesto with salad for kids
FridayItalian Meatloaf

So there we are. The bacon and brie baguette is because I have some brie left in the freezer from Christmas and as part of my No Spend Challenge, I’m trying to use up everything in the freezer before stuffing it full again!

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  1. Mrs M says:

    Nice meal plan for last week. I am craving roast chicken and the works so might have to build that in this week. Thanks for linking up!

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