A Story of Love with Hotel Chocolat

Sealed with a KissWhen we first met, I was Head over Heels, I wanted you to Be Mine. Although we were very different, we had a lot in common and talked so easily about so much – and you had the most sumptuous Lips I’d ever seen on a man!

We took things steadily at first, but you were definitely a real Smoothie, so very soon our relationship was Sealed with a Kiss and we made our future plans.

I was thrilled when you found a job here and we were able to move in together, our first home was small, but it was all ours and we quickly found out that I was a hopeless cook and you would really rather not do any ironing – things which are pretty much unchanged after ten years!

So, here we are, 13 years after we first met, now married, now with two beautiful children and, while neither of us is one for Love Notes, Oysters and Champagne or grand gestures, we say ‘I Love You’ every day in a hundred different ways – in cups of tea made, in hurried goodbye kisses or rare shared moments with no children about!

BUT! If you DID perhaps WANT to make a SMALL gestures of affection this Valentine’s Day, you’d not go far wrong looking here…

In signing off, I just want to say it in plain English: I love you you funny old stick x


This may seem an odd post, so by way of explanation, this post is an entry into the Hotel Chocolat Valentine’s Day Competition for bloggers. The blogger with the most click throughs to Hotel Chocolat’s website can win a selection of their Valentine’s Day range, which I would love to share with my gorgeous chap. So if you’d like to get clicking on any of the links above, then please do browse. I’ll let you know how we get on and be tres grateful. Although this is a competition entry, the sentiment is 100% from the heart.

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