To be fair, it’s blue sky thinking really

This week’s Listography is a brilliant one for me as I’m unusually filled with bile when people use my most hated phrases, such as:

1. To Be Fair
I add this one to the list as I actually use it myself and inwardly cringe when I do as I overuse use it. To be fair to who exactly??

2. Blue Sky Thinking
I watched that documentary a few years ago about Heston Blumenthal working with Little Chef and, by the end of it, I wanted to punch the CEO of Little Chef as he KEPT USING THIS PHRASE. What do you mean? Do you even KNOW??

3. I, Like, Totally…
You, like, do, do you? Closed followed by ‘I was like, huh and she was like, oh get over it’. This one, I’ll admit MAY be because I’m getting old though.

4. Literally
And I literally died! No, no you didn’t. But you might and VERY SOON.

5. Mummy, I done a poo
Usually said when he’s not in the vicinity of the bathroom, let alone the toilet or potty *sigh*

Thanks again Kate for my cheap therapy!!


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2 Responses to To be fair, it’s blue sky thinking really

  1. Rebecca says:

    Wow, great vent – thanks for sharing! I too watched the programme about the Little Chef & have to agree with #2. What a plonker, I hope he looks back on that show now & cringes, it might explain why they are now closing 67 of their current sites.

  2. With you on number 1. Where did the phrase even come from? I hate using it and worse when my children repeat it.

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