Meal Planning Monday – 13th February 2012 #MealPlanningMonday

So here we are with our meal plan for half term week (she says through gritted teeth) so although I’ve not added it onto the plan, we’ll be eating lunch at home more, so I suppose we’ve a bit more choice there than just sandwiches.

In listing what’s in the freezer and making my shopping list, I’ve realised that this week I’ll not actually have to buy any meat as I can pretty much do the evening meals from what we already have – so (hopefully) a smaller shopping bill this week. Maybe. I was also lucky enough to get a free Rugby Pack from O2, which had in it two cans of Greene King IPA and two Pieminister pies so, although we’ll probably not drink the beer, we’ll definitely be eating the FREE pies thankyouverymuch!

Of last week’s plan most of the dishes were fairly successful, as you might have seen as I blogged two of the recipes I tried from the Asda magazine but I did turn over slow cooked Sausages in favour of Fish and Chips, so that has popped up on this plan instead.

Saturday – Jacket Potatoes various fillings/Pieminister pies for Mum and Dad!!
Sunday – Fish Fingers/Fish Fillet & Chips
Monday – Leftovers
Tuesday – Mixed Grill/bacon/egg/sausage (Mummy eating out!!!)
Wednesday – Slow Cook Sausages/tomato sauce
Thursday – Leftovers 2
Friday – Pasta/Pesto

The only thing with making do with what we have is that we’ll be eating leftovers twice in one week which, I’m sure, Mr W will have something to say about, but hey ho, next week’s plan should be a bit more original!

For more lovely ideas of good family food planned out for the week, take a look at At Home with Mrs M‘s site.

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