Winter Sunshine (Brrr!)

My dear friend, the Old Fashioned Mummy, has tagged me in the ‘Sunshine Award’ to bring a little cheer into our chilly February – and while I’m not promising miracles, we’ll have a go at it…

A bit of winter sunshine would be nice this half term week – already I’ve had my eldest stealing food rather than asking for something to eat, as he wants chocolate and knows I’ll say no, and they are both a bit under the weather with a temperature, so it’s all a bit eurgh in our house at the moment!

Favourite colour: Blue. I know we’re supposed to be talking about sunshine and not the cold, but I love blue, it’s always been my favourite colour and I equate it more to the warm blue sea and the blue you get on the top of Greek houses, rather than chilly, wintry blue.

Favourite animal: Despite my husband’s allergies and hatred of them, I love cats. We always had cats as I was growing up and I’ll always make time to say hello to cats I see in the street. I’m well aware that humans are just staff to cats, but when a cat decides it belongs to you they can be so loving – I mean they even bring you gifts. I know a semi-concious mouse is not MY idea of a nice gift, but to them it’s the height of luxury!

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: A few months ago this would’ve been Diet Coke without a doubt, but I’ve been successfully off the stuff for 6 months now – I was really drinking too much! Before I gave up work, I’d often have a 500ml Diet Coke and a Flapjack for my breakfast – I mean really, that’s no way to do it! So I went cold turkey on it and even though there is a bottle of Pepsi Max in the house, I;ve not gone near it – Yay Me! I think now my favourite has to be tea. You can’t beat a nice cuppa first thing in the morning :0)

Facebook or twitter: Twitter I think. Although my blog posts go to Facebook too, I don’t very often update my status. I just find Twitter more immediate, although Facebook does have more characters so – as I found out recently – misunderstandings are more easily avoided!

Favourite Number: 5, 11, 16, 19, 32, 38 – or they will be my favourites when they win me the lottery!

Favourite day of the week: Thursday. I think this is a throwback to when I was a kid, as Thursday was always a brilliant night for telly. BBC2 always had something good on – Red Dwarf used to be on on a Thursday and, of course, Top of the Pops was on on a Thursday. Although this no longer applies – Thursday telly is just as crap as any other night, this warm feeling for Thursday has remained!

My passion: I don’t really know what my passion is. I think that’s my problem. I can speak with love and enthusiasm about lots of things, but I don’t know as I can say I feel passionate about any of them. I guess it’s just laziness.

Getting or giving presents: I like to receive presents, but very often don’t know what I want so no-one has a hope really! My favourite thing is to give a gift that you’ve really thought about and know it’s exactly what the recipient would want. Those are the type of gifts that I can’t help spoiling the surprise for!

Favourite patterns: I like a lot of patterns in nature, but I also like Cath Kidston’s designs. They’re bright, summery and girly and really pretty.

Favourite flowers: Freesias. If I had had flowers at my wedding I would’ve had freesias – they smell lovely and I always love having them in the house, but they are usually so expensive that they’re a luxury and they don’t tend to last too long!

Hopefully this fulfils the brief and spreads a bit more cheer. All my friends have been tagged, so I’ll issue an open invitation – if you’d like to be tagged, then do let me know!

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