Meal Planning Monday – 20th February #MealPlanningMonday

I was pretty pleased with our meal plan last week – we only strayed from it once on Friday night. In the end, half term wasn’t too too much of a trial and I felt a bit more in control having the evening meals at least planned out.

Carrying on in this positive vein, here is our meal plan for the coming week:

Saturday – POT LUCK
Sunday – Chicken Fajitas/Fish Fingers for the kids
Monday – Mixed Grill/Bacon/Sausagae/egg/black pudding for Mummy!
Tuesday – Beef and Mushrooms in Beer
Wednesday – Tomato and Mozzarella tart
Thursday – Leftovers
FridayKedgeree/Fish Fillets for kids and hubby

So there we are – next meal plan I’m hoping to go back to my recipe folder and find some new things, as the plans are getting a bit samey again, but this time I have added a tomato and mozzarella tart as an experiment – I have some puff pastry in the freezer and some sun dried tomatoes which I feel like using, so it’s a bit of a ‘bodgit and leggit’ dinner – we’ll see whether the kids like it!

The fajitas are on there as we’ve not had them for ages and have about five packs of fajita spice in the cupboard (newly sorted, cleaned and all the REALLY out of date stuff chucked) which really need to be used. Also in another (cleaned and sorted) cupboard we had some out of date tins of beer – I hate to just chuck them, so I have started to add them when slow cooking or casseroling, The alcohol all evaporates anyway, so it’s still safe for the kids to eat and it does give a rich flavour without having to add extra salt.

Saturday night is down as Pot luck – I generally tend to put this and see how it goes on the night as we have all sorts of things in that could make a tea and we see what we fancy. It seems to work ok occasionally!

There are loads more ideas from the lovely participants at the At Home with Mrs M site, so do take a look if you need a few ideas for the week.

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5 Responses to Meal Planning Monday – 20th February #MealPlanningMonday

  1. Beef and mushrooms in beer sounds very interesting. So is that like a casserole then? Mich x

    • Stacey says:

      Yeah, basically, you just slow cook a normal beef casserole, stock, veg etc but you add a tin of beer at the beginning in place of some of the water. I find it makes it a bit richer and I don’t have to season it as much. Thanks for commenting ;0)

  2. Kirsty says:

    You forgot pancakes for Tuesday.

    • Stacey says:

      We may or may not have them – depends if I can be bothered. Even if we do I can’t have my Nutella cos of being off chocolate. Harumph.

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