Multi-Coloured Blog Swap Carnival – Welcome Mummy From The Heart!

As part of the Multi-Coloured Blog Swap, beautifully organised by Troubles’ Mum, I’m really pleased to welcome Michelle aka Mummy From The Heart today. If you read any blogs you must read Michelle’s as not only does she run the Reasons to be Cheerful linky, she is also really helpful and welcoming to new bloggers, recently running the New Bloggers Fortnight.

Michelle is wife to one, mummy to three and an imperfect Christian on life’s journey. Her blog, Mummy From The Heart… is a very honest place where Mich shares the good and bad times of parenting, her battles with food, her faith journey and every other little part of her life.

Here comes the summer…

Ok I know, it is only February and there is snow scheduled again for next week. I am getting a tad ahead of myself but a girl can dream, can’t she? I’m not really wishing my year away as I know that every day is precious but it is so much easier when the winds head off and the sun starts to shine.

I have just spent the last two hours going through about one thousand photos. Photos I have taken over the last 18 months and it has been a lovely time. The kids have all been gathered around my laptop reminiscing about places we have been and fun we have had together. This is why I am yearning for the summer. As I sat there and looked at the photos from our holidays I was longing for the time to come again, as were the children too.

We only have about 7 weeks until we head off to Minehead and Spring Harvest and I know this year will be amazing, an absolute blessing to our family. Six days and five nights of special time together as a family, along with a couple of thousand other Christians. Last year we had such a wonderful time, just being together. The kids were that much older and it made a real difference, we did not have to worry about afternoon naps or them being in bed by 7pm prompt. There was not anything that cost the earth or took a lot of planning but it really is time that I treasure – we played games, enjoyed time on the beach, did crafts, worshipped together, had picnics, played at the park, took long walks and loads more simple things.

Then in August we will head off to Bournemouth for a couple of weeks. We have hired a house there for the last couple of years and again we have good family fun together. Unlike Spring Harvest there will be no kids clubs this time, it is full on Mummy and Daddy entertainer mode but we do love it, luckily both dh and I agree that holidays are about spending time with the kids and not just packing them off to a pool or kids club for the day. Yes we get exhausted as they constantly want to do something but that is OK, we get our evenings to enjoy together and recharge our batteries.

I recall my own summer holidays as a kid and we never went abroad and at the time I thought I missed out but now as an adult and having travelled abroad a fair amount I know that I did not really miss out. My classic English beach holidays that I always had with my parents were times to be cherished and are still remembered now. I know some people think we are a bit boring, when I chat my kid’s friend’s parents they say they can think of nothing worse than going somewhere like a holiday camp or Butlins type resort and having to ‘do’ stuff with the kids every day but we just do not find it a chore.

Yes, now the girls are nearly 5 I think they are old enough to travel aboard and enjoy a holiday overseas but how do you afford five passports and the cost of the trip? And I would then start to worry if there is enough for them to do; they are used to doing things, not sitting by a pool. They would think we had gone nuts. None of us sunbath, we all have fair skin and dh and the kids all do not like the heat either. Hmm the more I think about this the more I realise we make the right choice in staying in the UK each year. I am dropping hints to my parents in the hope they may offer to babysit for a week next year so that dh and I can go abroad alone and celebrate our 40th birthdays in the summer. Two passports are far cheaper than five anyway and just because the holiday is not right for my kids right now that does not mean that I do not miss sun, sea and a bit of the other.

What about you? Where do you go for your summer holidays? Do you do the same type of holiday as you had as a kid? Or have your broken the mould and stepped out?

Picture 13

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7 Responses to Multi-Coloured Blog Swap Carnival – Welcome Mummy From The Heart!

  1. We don’t really do holidays in our house, what with MrC’s health problems, hope the kids forgive me!

    I always remember caravan holidays with my Grandparents and Parents, squashed, sleeping all over the place in Westward Ho!

    It has the honour of being the place in Britain which has a exclamation mark in the name!

  2. Troubles Mum says:

    I love holidaying in the UK. It’s so much less hassle and the children don’t care where we are, as long as there is some sand, a bit of entertainment and ice-cream. You can’t beat Butlins in my opinion. I love the first photo. I am sure we have a very similar one of us all with the wooden bear things taken at Skegness. 🙂

    • Michelle Twin Mum says:

      Yep, skeggy Butlins is where we were! Sadly we can’tafford classic Butlins nowadays as we have to go in school holidays but we used to go about 3 -4 times a year when JJ was little as it was so cheap out of term time. Fab fun, Mich x

    • Stacey says:

      We’re really in to Center Parcs at the moment, but only as neither of our kids are in school so we can go when prices are low – we’ll have to stop after that – sob!

  3. Since living in Switzerland, I find myself wanting to holiday in the UK more and more. I guess it’s taken living away from there for me to realise what an astoundingly beautiful and diverse country it is. Last year, we spent a week in the Peak District and this year we’re going closer to our old home, North Wales. I’m equally as excited about this as the holidays we took in far-flung countries. We’re renting a little cottage and plan to take day trips here and there. I can’t wait.

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