This is Your Ten-Minute Warning!

Ok, well, not ten minutes, but this past weekend I issued my yearly warning to Mr W that it was only three weeks until Mother’s Day. I don’t know how it’s done in your house, but if I want a Mothers Day card from my children, then I have to prepare the ground first!

Photo by Special Day Cakes

In our house, you see, I am the card buyer. Birthdays, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day – you name it and I don’t think my poor husband knows when any of these occasions even are, hence the prompt! This year, I’ve had my fancy taken by personalised cards – while we were on a VERY tight budget, these weren’t really an option, but since we’ve had a bit more money to spend each month these days, they are actually a quite economical way to give a personalised touch to your greetings and also are convenient as you can have them sent directly to the recipient – particularly important for us as we have family both abroad and in other parts of the country.

So how about you? Do you have to issue a Mothers Day (and come to that a birthday) warning, or is your partner a Superstar?

This is a sponsored post, but really do have to warn my poor husband that these things are coming up!!

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  1. Rover's Aunt says:

    Mr H isn’t too bad at remembering though I am the one who goes & buys the cards! I use Moonpig quite a lot, TLBD birthday card was ordered last weekend but shouldn’t arrive until the day before, his pic is on it, I hope he can recognise himself!!

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