Meal Planning Monday – 5th March 2012 – #MealPlanningMonday

Another great week for food last week – no deviations from the plan and, on Friday, as we were visiting we were taken to Pizza Express for tea, and in the spirit of healthy eating, I had one of those Leggera pizzas with the hole in the middle. It was quite unsatisfying as a pizza, since it was flat as a pancake, but it was nice to feel virtuous!

The turkey curry last week was very nice and while I don’t usually like many veggies in a curry, the courgettes in it made a real change. I’ve got two portions left in the freezer after feeding us two adults, so we’ll be having that again.

So, since I’ve been away, this week’s plan has been a cobble-together somewhat – we were supposed to have leftovers tonight, but it turned into a salad somehow, but there we go! I’m also very late with this post, but here’s what we’re having for the rest of the week:

Tuesday – An as-yet-undetermined turkey dish
Wednesday – Fish Fingers and chips for them, I’m going to see We Will Rock You, so it will be ‘sandwich in the car’ time!
Thursday – Our little boy’s birthday, so Chip Shop Chips (slight satisfaction that this will be our first takeaway in a couple of weeks)
Friday – As-yet-undetermined beef dish, but probably a slow cook.

So there you go. What an AWFUL meal plan! Things will be back to normal next week as I managed to get some good, half price fish and meat at Tesco earlier. If you’d like to see some much better food plans than mine, take a look at At Home With Mrs M for some inspiring ideas!

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