What Was Top Of The Charts The Year Your Kids Were Born?

I’ve been tagged! Hurrah! But then I saw what the meme was – what was number one when your children were born. Hurroo. Seriously though, I’ve been tagged by the lovely Jayne for this, which I would normally love, but as my darling children were born in their respective years, the songs that were number one on the days of their births are NOT to my bag baby! Ah well, I’m hardly one to complain as the Number One when I was born was Rivers of Babylon by Boney M :0/

The rule of the meme is thus: Post a video of the number one song in the charts when your kids were born.

So, when Biggest Boy was born in 2008:

Ugh – I know it’s not a bad song and was very popular but it was never to my taste…

And by the time Littlest Lad came along in 2010, we were treated to this:

OMG? More like WTF!? Again, NOT to my taste!!

Ah well, there, I’ve admitted it, so can now move on and tag some other lovely people:

Michelle at Old Fashioned Mummy
Catherine at Crafty Little Blogger
Troubles Mum at Trouble Doubled

That will have to do, but if you would like to contribute then please do!

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6 Responses to What Was Top Of The Charts The Year Your Kids Were Born?

  1. Cath says:

    Oh good lord, I’ve just checked. The number 1 when Isaac was born was a tupac song, but worse was the fact that crazy frog was number 2!

  2. A big fear for us when ours were born was that it would be a dreadful number one on their birth date. Luckily, they weren’t too bad. I think one was Britney Spears, and the other was Sugababes. Not sure about the twins. Daren’t look now. It better not be Will.i.am or I will cry. Thanks for the tag. Too much information for my anonymous blog which is a shame because I like this one. I quite like the Duffy song, so you’ve not done too bad. 🙂

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