Review: Hotel Chocolat’s Gorgeous Easter Eggs!

As you may know, I decided a while back to abstain from chocolate as I am the worst type of chocoholic, but when I was asked to try a Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg, I was happy, nay ecstatic, to sweep my resolution aside! You see, the Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg is not your common a garden easter egg, but rather a truly ‘eggstravagant’ (ha ha) luxury easter egg made from the finest 40% milk chocolate and crammed full of tasty morsels.

If you read the notes alongside each egg on the Hotel Chocolat website, you’ll see that when the company was first producing easter eggs, they were advised to make their eggs as thin as possible and cram as much as they could outside the egg to make it look bigger – so they chose to do the opposite and created an extra thick shell and crammed all of the treats inside – genius!

I was asked to try the ‘You Crack Me Up‘ egg, from the range of Thick easter eggs and this comes with an adorable range of smiley chocolate faces, chocolate bunnies and chicks and chocolate fried eggs which my kids really loved. The egg itself was thick, creamy and almost double the size of a regular egg which really sold it to me!!

This particular range of eggs is certainly not the cheapest, retailing at £26, but when you think of what you actually get for your money – a presentation hat box, each egg wrapped carefully and packed full of the smaller chocolates, then it’s actually well worth paying a bit more for than a supermarket egg.

I would be very, very happy to receive this egg on Easter Sunday (take note Mr W!!) as it really is a bit of luxury, perfect for your special someone!

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