The A-Z Challenge – A is for Another Year – #atozchallenge

You might remember that this time last year I devoted my blog, time and braincells – such as they are – to the A-Z blogging challenge, posting every day in April (except Sundays) for all the letters of the alphabet. At the time it was a real stretch for me as I had only been blogging for a month, but since my first blogaversary has been and gone I feel definitely older, maybe or maybe not wiser!

Well April has clawed its way round again and so I thought I’d devote the first post of the challenge to a quick round up of what has happened to me and my family this past year.

Our children are a whole year older (4 and almost 2) and so much has changed in their lives this year – Biggest Boy is at preschool nearly every day ad growing in confidence and intelligence. We find out this month what school he will be going to in September and, despite mummy being a bit sad that he’s getting older, I’ve no doubt that he’s ready for it! Littlest Lad is now a walking, talking, eating machine – he’s making recognisable word sounds and definitely knows his own mind. He loves to sing, but gets embarrassed if you ask him to perform. He’ll soon be ready to be away from mummy for a little while each week, but I don’t know if mummy is…

We finally got married last September after 13 years as a couple and two children – there’s nothing like DEFINITELY making sure is there!? I’ve blogged about it at length, so won’t bore you with the details here, but we had a fantastic wedding that was just as we’d planned and got to share it with all our special people.

We sadly lost my lovely Grandad in June last year, which was in some ways a shock, but some ways not. What made me really sad was that he was only three weeks shy of his 90th birthday, which would have been such a milestone, but it was not to be. I’m also sad that, as I am researching my family history, his death has meant the end of his input – he was always happy to chat about what he remembered of his family and his experiences during the war – and also I won’t get the chance to share any of my findings with him. This past weekend I went to a family history fair and found an entry in a trade directory for his Grandfather and he would have been really interested in that.

Well, having previewed this post it’s getting on quite long now, so I think I’ll stop there, these are just – thanks for staying with me if you did! If you’ve come via the A-Z linky then best of luck to you in this challenge and if you comment I’ll try and get back to your blog asap!

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10 Responses to The A-Z Challenge – A is for Another Year – #atozchallenge

  1. Lisa says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a great year. I looked at your wedding post – your dress was amazing and you both look so cute together!

    Good luck on the A-Z Challenge!

    Lisa, Random Ramblings

  2. Andy says:

    I’m visiting from the A-Z Challenge.

    Thanks for sharing a little about your life. I enjoyed reading.
    Good luck with the challenge!

    Day 1: The Attraction

  3. pusspudding says:

    Frist of all – good luck with challenge – an other year, brilliant choice. Some bucket list you have – just go for it. Good luck with everything … you set out do.

  4. Sarah says:

    Just popping in from the A to Z challenge – congrats on a successful year! Time moves fast when the kids are small, doesn’t it? And I am so happy to read that you had a wedding that was “just as you planned” and that you enjoyed it. That is always my first advice to newly engaged folks – do it the way YOU want it, so you can have fun.

  5. Terri Pray says:

    Sorry to hear about your grandfather, although it sounds like the rest of the year has gone well.

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