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I don’t know about you, but I find with all the images I take with my digital camera, I very rarely print any out so there are lots of pictures of my family and friends languishing on my computer. I have printed more than usual recently though, as I’ve really wanted some nice reminders of our wedding last year, so we’ve now got few of those but when I was offered the chance to try Pixum’s photobook service, I thought it would be a great chance to print some really nice photos of the kids.

Pixum is one of the largest photo printing companies in Europe and they offer photobooks, photo printing, personalised gifts and greeting cards. They operate in several countries and in a range of languages, aimed at giving you the best and easiest experience when ordering your photos and photo gifts.

I’ve not included any pictures of my personal photobook in this review as I don’t really like to include pictures of my children on the blog, but the A4 landscape photobook that I chose gave me 24 pages of photos presented beautifully in a hardbound book. Although I chose the 24 page book for £24.99, you can also increase the number of pages (for a fee, of course).

To get started on your book, you simply download the Pixum software and navigate to your photo directory. Choose the photos you’d like to use and then add them to the book. It’s really easy to use the software to customise your book’s theme, and theme each page around your photos, depending on how detailed you want to be and then you can move and resize your photos as you please. When everything is as you’d like it, simply send the order to Pixum and wait for your keepsake to arrive. Ours arrived in about a week.

The only issue I had with the finished result was that some of the pictures had had their colour adjusted, making them poor quality when printed in the book. A quick conversation with Pixum revealed that there was a button in the software that is checked by default asking them to lighten or colour adjust your pictures and I had missed it, although had I seen it, I would have unchecked it. Nicole at Pixum did say, however, that she would suggest this button be made more prominent in the software, so that’s a brilliant response.

Other than this minor issue, the photo book I received was a lovely, high quality memento of the last few months of 2011 with our kids including our trip to Legoland, our visits to family and a cute series of shots of biggest boy eating a pain au chocolat – messily!

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