The A-Z Challenge – E is for Easter Bonnet – #atozchallenge

I could write a sonnet, about this Easter Bonnet (with liberal borrowing from Mr Irving Berlin) but, apparently, the judge at the Preschool Easter Bonnet competition begs to differ.

Not that I’m competitive AT ALL, but this was the best one, and the very first one I we have made.

Anyway, this is it, modelled by Biggest Boy:

Now, I ask you, is that not a thing of beauty?! It even had chocolate eggs and chicks IN THE HAT… pfft!

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6 Responses to The A-Z Challenge – E is for Easter Bonnet – #atozchallenge

  1. Kirsty says:

    Not that you are competitive… sorry was that a flying pig ;o).
    Obviously I didn’t see the competition so I can’t really judge comparatively but truly though it was thing of beauty and a masculine bonnet to boot.

  2. Cheryl J says:

    Cool Easter bonnet!

  3. Biased, you…never! Great bonnet btw, don’t think school do a competitiion so your competitive nature may be lost next year, or perhaps littlest boy may benefit…. 😉

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