The A-Z Challenge – G is for Genealogy – #atozchallenge

I blogged about genealogy for G last year, so this year it’s by way of an update on the, sadly, too small amount of work I’ve done on my family tree in the past year.

Although my tree has gone back to the early 1800s, this past year I’ve used the little time and money I’ve had to research some of the family a bit closer, namely my Dad’s Grandparents and I’ve been quite pleased with my progress.

My first find of the year was that on the 1911 census, my Dad’s Great Grandfather, Herbert Mallory, was a bricklayer working at the Storthes Hall Asylum. On the back of this bit of information I was able to find a book called Storthes Hall Remembered, written by Ann Littlewood who worked there for many years as a Nurse. Obviously this was not at the same time as Herbert Mallory, but the book gives an interesting history of the facility from its foundation until modern times and, although Herbert Mallory is not mentioned by name, I can get a sense of what it would have been like there at the time he was there.

Another discovery was about my Dad’s Grandparents Frederick and Florence Males. He knows little about them – and what he does know I have noted and squirrelled away for future use! Although I know it’s morbid to be excited about it, I have been able to find their death certificates, so know the circumstances of their deaths and also where they were living at the time they died. Since they were living locally to me I’m hoping that I will be able to pinpoint where they are buried and perhaps go and visit, although this is something I know my family think is odd!

St Luke's BurtonOdder still – I was able this year to pinpoint all of our family graves in the church yard at St Luke’s Church, Burton. There are at least 10 members of the family either buried there, or with their ashes interred there, so it was nice to go and find each of them and photograph their headstones. I think this is really important and it’s difficult to put into words why. I know they’re dead and don’t know anything about it, but I somehow think it’s important that someone in the family knows where they are. See? Odd.

Actually, now I write it all down, I have actually managed to accomplish more than I thought this year, so I’m a bit happier about it now! I asked the question last year, but are there any family members you’d like to know more about? Also, what do you think about the gravestone thing? Am I just being weird?

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9 Responses to The A-Z Challenge – G is for Genealogy – #atozchallenge

  1. Kirsty says:

    No I don’t think it is weird at all it’s about connecting to your heritage and showing people they aren’t forgotten.
    Although I think the death thing has crept into your post – all your Dad dies know!! ;oP

  2. Lovely post! I almost did genealogy too…or genetics…which is a bit tricky as I am adopted and do know my natural family but not much of the history of it. And I often wonder: which family tree should I do my natural one or adoptive one?

    • Stacey says:

      Thanks for commenting. What a challenge! It’s definitely worth looking into, whichever family you decide to research.

  3. Pauleen says:

    Stacey, as an avid family historian I’d say keep up the good work. If you’re keen to do more you might want to look at which is a gateway for genealogy blogging.

  4. Francene says:

    I think everyone wants to understand their lineage. Somehow, we’ve descended from people we don’t know and maybe inherited some of their characteristics. It’s fascinating. And I’m so pleased that when you sat down to think about what you’d achieved, the result gave you pleasure.

    • Stacey says:

      Thanks for commenting – I’m always surprised that so many people are researching their families, I agree it’s really fascinating.

  5. I don’t find the time to research my family tree but I don’t think the gravestone thing is weird, its amazing to find a concrete (or stone) reminder of the past. Some years ago I spoke to my great-aunt (now deceased) and she told me how she lodged as a teenager at a house round the corner from my home at the time which I found fascinating. If only I had more time…

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