The A-Z Challenge – H is for Haemoglobin – #atozchallenge

A bit of a funny one today, I’ll admit, but you might recall that as part of my bucket list, I wanted to be able to give blood again. I was a regular giver, right from University through until I was pregnant for the first time and, since then, it’s been tricky for me to give due to my poor iron levels (hence haemoglobin, see? See?). It seems that no matter how well I try to eat, when they do the finger prick test, my blood always floats. Cue severe embarrassment and the feeling that you’ve wasted their time – they are always very nice about it and thank me in any case for coming, but you can’t help but feel a bit of a failure. I mean, when the Blood Service, who are constantly calling for people to donate, don’t want your blood how bad must it be!?

I’ve now been unable to give on three occasions, so they won’t be calling me again for at least a year so in that case, I must call upon you my lovely readers to try and give blood if you are able to do so. I realise that there are many and varied medical and social reasons for people being unable to give – my own experience is an example – but please do check out the Blood Service website to see if you might be eligible.

The site is packed with information about how to donate, including sessions in your area. We are lucky in our area that there is a dedicated blood donation centre in our Shopping Centre, so you can even give on weekends, totally at your convenience – just book an appointment and go along. Although yes, you do get a needle in your arm and have a pint of blood taken out of you, it really is remarkably easy and painless to donate and if you think of what your blood might do for someone who has a medical emergency then it’s such a great thing to do if you can.

Thanks for sticking with me during my mini-crusade! This information obviously applies to the UK, The World Health Organisation will celebrate World Blood Donor Day on 14th June so, please think of giving in your country.

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  1. Kirsty says:

    You forgot about the fact that you get biscuits afterwards – in some places even Wagon Wheels or Orange Clubs!!

    I can’t give for health reasons at the moment either but would encourage your readers to see if they are eligible. My students recently highlighted the fact that younger people often don’t donate but that their blood is really good quality and lasts longer.

    Great topic

  2. Great post, good luck with giving in the future!
    I was recently prompted to give blood again through someone’s facebiook status and go to the local shopping centre and love the opportunity to sit down (child free) and have a cuppa afterwards, the key is to make sure I make the next appointment before I leave.

  3. Lizzi says:

    I haven’t given any for a while, but I will try and go ASAP! Good post!

  4. Cath says:

    Partly thanks to your mini crusade, I gave blood for the first time ever, earlier this year, so you can consider that partly your donation I reckon, because without you (and others too!) cajoling me I may never have gone. It was always on the to-do list, but too far down. But now I’ve been once (yes! Orange clubs were offered! *And* hot chocolate!!) I will certainly go again. It was easy, the nurses were lovely, and I got thanked so many times, especially as it was my first time, that it almost started to annoy me!

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