The A-Z Challenge – I is for Inanimate Objects – #atozchallenge

Today I’m a little bit sad – I have finally begun in earnest the task of getting rid of baby clothes and equipment that we had for our two boys. I Know that other people feel sadness when doing this essential task, but to me it’s actually a physical wrench and I’ve been putting off getting it done as every time I open a box to start sorting I take out a few items, then get so emotional that I have to put it all back in and stop. I wonder then about my affection for inanimate objects, whether they are things with memories attached such as the baby things, or some of the signed theatre programmes I have, or the collectables I have accumulated over the years.

I took part in a meme recently which asked what is the most precious thing inthe world to you (or similar, can’t remember) and I posted my post then read some that other people had done.When asked waht was most precious to them, the majority answered their children, their partners, their family etc. Me? I said my programme from Wicked the Musical, signed by Idina Menzel and Adam Garcia. That’s a bit bad isn’t it?

And also, my attachment to ‘things’ is really bad for my house. My kitchen is a disgrace with things piled on things and no space to work at all. Books, magazine, scraps of paper, little things the kids have made all contribute to my never being able to find anything (this pic by the way is mid-tidy, so there is a little leeway I think!). My brother used to say he could imagine me ending up like Mr Trebus – if you’re in the UK you might remember him as a proud old Gentleman on the BBC TV series A Life of Grime whose house was, basically, full of hoarded crap that he had collected. I’m hopeful though that I can begin to get rid of some things and NOT end up smothered to death by my own possessions and – who knows? In the future they might be worth a few bob. Ahem.

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  1. Kirsty says:

    Depends what definition of precious they were all using.

    Ah bless you getting upset about the baby things – if you have pictures of some of them would that help? Maybe just keep one baby item from each and put it in a little box. It’s probably because you’re broody – don’t try and do it at PMT time.

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