A-Z Challenge – Halfway, My Three Most Popular Posts – #atozchallenge

Now that we’re half way through the rollercoaster ride, I thought I’d look back at my three most popular A-Z posts (according to my web stats). It’s always nice to know someone is looking at what you’re churning out, so here goes.

The most popular post so far in the A-Z is B is for Baking. Hopefully this inspired some people to take a look at the books I recommended – they have arrived now and I have just ordered Ruth Clemens’ new book, The Busy Girl’s Guide to Cake Decorating too.

The second most popular post is C is for Center Parcs, where I wax lyrical about our holidays, hopefully inspiring somebody to take a look and visit.

The third most popular post is A is for Another Year, the introductory post to this challenge where I tell everyone wassup this past year.

I guess this isn’t a surprise, since these posts have been up the longest, but there we are. I shall do this again at the end of the challenge to see what has been most popular through the month. What are you most popular A-Z posts?

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  1. Kirsty says:

    Ooh – I didn’t think about doing that – my top A-Z posts are L (7th of all time) – where I review Scrivener software. Second was E for Ethics and third – where it all started too A for Angela Marsh.

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