Back to the Garden. Again! (And a Giveaway…)

When the weather was a lot warmer a few weeks back, I made great strides in making my garden look less like a waste ground and more like the garden of a home! I managed to dig out a border from what was once a rockery, and in the process uncovered about 20-30 boulders of Purbeck Stone, which I was then able to Freecycle (hooray! I didn’t have to lift them myself!) and then dug out a second border, removing edging stones and successfully transplanting a bit of turf – I am truly now the gardening master!!

My New Flower Bed – and Rocks!

But, after that, as the weather turned hideous I’ve not been out there much so have spent my time researching plants to go in the new borders. As I am only a fair weather gardener, I think I need some low-maintenance plants, perhaps a fuschia or magnolia for a bit of colour. In the second border I was thinking of some small, flowering plants, perhaps some petunias to go alongside a beautiful rose that’s already in the bed.

How about you? Are you a keen or not-so-keen gardener? What sort of plants would you use to add some colour to your garden? And perhaps a more important question, how would you like to win a beautiful pink Fairy Magnolia Blush Plant for your garden?

This Giveaway has now closed and the winner was: Sarah Parker. Congratulations!

To enter, simply visit the Tesselaar International website and have a look around then, in the comments, tell me which of Tesselaar International’s range of plants you would plant in your garden.

For an extra, cheeky entry, simply tweet the following, then leave another comment telling me you’ve done so:

“I’ve entered to win a Fairy Magnolia Blush Plant with Tesselaar International and @svmitche:″

Important Notes: The competition will end at 10pm on Wednesday 25th April and a winner will be selected at random and notified the next day. If I have not heard from the winner by Friday 27th April, then I will select another. The Fairy Magnolia will be dispatched direct from the PR company. UK entrants only please. Good luck!

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120 Responses to Back to the Garden. Again! (And a Giveaway…)

  1. Cath says:

    Ooh lovely! I’d choose the Flower Carpet Roses, in scarlet, as I love roses, and the words ‘low maintenance’ in their description are music to my ears!

  2. Cath says:

    Tweeting too!

  3. Rainie Bish says:

    I have quite a large garden and although I love flowers & greenery due to illness I tend to go for easy care plants/shrubs. I have lots of evergreen shrubs that flower but then still look great all year round. I havent got any particular theme just lots of plants and lots of colour. Ive never heard of the Fairy Magnolia Blush Plant before but think its beautiful and if Im not lucky enough to win I will have to buy one. I really like all the plants in Tesselaar International’s range but my favourite is the Fairy Magnolia.

  4. Rainie Bish says:

    Ive tweeted the competition link & details

  5. kathleen hooper says:

    I’d love the Burgundy Spire Cordyline to replace my Cordyline which was killed in last year’s snow storms

  6. Maxine says:

    Storm agapanthus, Snowstorm is really pretty – I’m a sucker for white flowers and this would be a welcome addition to my garden

  7. Maxine says:

    have tweeted @maxineflossy

  8. Wendy Barbe says:

    Yes, I’d go for Snowstorm too. Such beautiful, delicate flowers, and I have the perfect spot for them.

  9. Wendy Barbe says:

    Tweeted too @wendyb47

  10. Love the spectacular appearance of the Bonfire Begonias, and the Cordylines look amazing, if only I had the garden to match.

  11. Have tweeted too as @chelleway

  12. chey dakota says:

    Tropicanna Black you can never get enough black plants in your garden

  13. Kerrie says:

    Tropicanna canna are beautiful – so colourful

  14. emma cella says:

    I would choose the Flower Carpet Roses, in scarlet, as I love roses

  15. emma cella says:

    Have tweeted too as @handbag2000

  16. Kerrie says:

    tweeted @kemo_2002

  17. Sean says:

    i would plant the Volcano phlox, the flowers are very striking

  18. Zoe G says:

    Begonia Bonfire, these look great

  19. Zoe G says:

    Tweeted too

  20. Samantha Horncastle says:

    Jury magnolias (Felix), it is stunning!

  21. Susie says:

    I just love the white Volcano Phlox and would love a big swathe of it. It would make up for the fact that I long for white sofas, bedding, cushions and rugs before coming down to earth with a bump when I remember that both humans and animals in this household are are far too mucky to risk it!

  22. Isabelle Smith says:


    very pretty x

  23. Jacquie Bennett says:

    I would go for Fairy Magnolias, beautiful

  24. Harpal Kaur says:

    I love tulips, roses and giant daisies

  25. liz denial says:

    I’d buy the volcano phlox for their gorgeous bright colours

  26. Carrie says:

    Tropicana Black to add a bit of alternative colour interest – plus black would go so well with the pink. Have also tweeted @bobocm1979

  27. Carrie says:

    oops, seperate comment to say have also tweeted – @bobocm1979

  28. Marilyn Wilkinson says:

    The “Rock and Roll” alstroemeria. Love lilies of all varieties and this is stunning.

  29. Marilyn Wilkinson says:

    Have also tweeted as @lacsaw

  30. Lesley D says:

    Baby Grand Magnolia would be my choice – and I’d buy another 9 to make a stunning hedge

  31. Lesley D says:

    tweeted as @kbh19602

  32. Mark Barker says:

    tweeted too

  33. Paula gwynne says:

    Tropicanna canna plant is my favourite from the garden website. I have also tweeted.

  34. Lynne OConnor says:

    Love the Rock and Roll alstroemeria

  35. Lynne OConnor says:

    Tweeted as @spanglisher

  36. June Munday says:

    I’d love a Cordyline, the burgundy spire is really lovely, would add something special to my quite ordinary garden.

  37. Claire says:

    I would choose the Volcano Phlox in White. I have a cottage garden and phlox are one of my favourites, they flower for ages, give off a wonderful scent and come up year after year, always a bonus.

  38. sarah birkett says:

    have tweeted as requested

  39. sarah birkett says:

    my favourite flowers in the entire world are daffodils, but anything with colour, lots and lots of colour

  40. Ruth Tesdale says:

    I would go for the Fairy Magnolia to replace the Magnolia we bought at great cost that produced one leaf and died. We could not get it replaced as the nursery had gone bankrupt.

  41. Ruth Tesdale says:

    tweeted as @RuthMarianna

  42. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    I love Magnolias – my favourite plants! I would choose the Baby Grand Magnolia – I have just the spot for it!

  43. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    I’ve tweeted too @figgygee

  44. Bernie T says:

    Love the flower carpet roses, am slowly replacing my flowers with shrubs and roses, which I hope will be more tolerant to the dryer conditions and hose pipe ban. Tweeting as @worriedmum46

  45. carolanne adamson says:

    would love the Fairy Magnolias in my garden thanks

  46. Cheryl Morris says:

    I would love a Magnolia Felix – what a wonderful rich colour to herald spring!

  47. amy baker says:

    baby grand magnolia- beautiful

  48. Andy D says:

    Tropicanna canna plants are great

  49. Joanne thomas says:

    Storm agapanthus would look fantastic in my garden

  50. Joanne thomas says:

    have tweeted @Runnerduck22

  51. Alison says:

    Bonfire begonias looks lovely

  52. Dawn Costen says:

    I think I would go for the Blue Storm Agapanthus such a stunning plant and colour!

  53. Dawn Costen says:

    Have also tweeted the giveaway as @DawnCosten for that cheeky extra entry! 😉

  54. Cheryl lovell says:

    Tropicanna canna 🙂

  55. Victoria Boland says:

    I like the Tropicana Black

  56. Bev Davis says:

    Baby Grand Magnolia for me. It reminds me of my wedding day

  57. linda wiles says:

    Sweet peas are wonderful, showy flowers

  58. Victoria C says:

    My garden needs some TLC as the previous house owners let it go wild and I’m here to save it. It needs lots of plants to fill it so I’d choose a Bonfire Begonia as that would fill a large space once it gets spreading.

  59. caroline hughes says:

    I would love to try growing the Volcano phlox in my new garden

  60. caroline hughes says:

    I’ve tweeted @carrieh22

  61. Pamela Gossage says:

    would love this

  62. Solange says:


  63. Heather Gutowski says:

    I like the Cordylines.

  64. Heather Gutowski says:

    I have tweeted @judithsbooks

  65. Jenny Rogers says:

    I would probably choose the Black Tulip Magnolia to replace a similar one which I lost last year after the severe winter in 2010-2011.

  66. Paula Phillips says:

    I like Storm agapanthus, Snowstorm.

  67. Paula Phillips says:

    I have tweeted @pphil10

  68. Prerna Gupta says:

    I would love to win Storm agapanthus…they look lovely

  69. Prerna Gupta says:

    I have tweeted as @dr_reenu

  70. Amanda H says:

    When we moved house, the garden in the new house was left in an awful state, over grown, patchy, dead grass, paving slabs hidden, craked pavements… there was even a large broken pond base made of concrete left with broken glass and tiles. We have worked very hard to try to restore the garden to somewhere our toddler can enjoy and run free without the worry of danger however it looks bare. We need a gorgeous plant to bring the life back to our garden that it so desperately needs!

  71. Danielle Vedmore says:

    Storm agapanthus is gorgeous – I have a bag with them on which I love. @tinkertink2010 xoxo

  72. Danielle Vedmore says:

    Have tweeted too! @tinkertink2010 xoxo

  73. Anna Ling says:

    I’d go for Magnolia Black Tulip – beautiful 🙂

  74. Shailesh Lathia says:

    I’d love the Rock and Roll Alstroemeria

  75. Annette Thomas says:

    There are some really beautiful plants there but I think my favourite would be the Camellia Volunteer, love the full flowers with the slightly ruffled looking petals. I like evergreen plants, they keep the garden looking interesting in winter!

  76. Annette Thomas says:

    Have also followed and tweeted @mesafish

  77. Deborah Bird says:

    I would plant the Volcano phlox as it is really pretty x

  78. Deborah Bird says:

    I have tweeted!

  79. Helen Aiken says:

    Tropicanna Black is what I’d plant in my garden.

  80. Helen Aiken says:

    I’ve tweeted as @GromitFan1

  81. katherine grieve says:

    I love the tropicana black

  82. katherine grieve says:

    Have tweeted


  83. Danielle says:

    I love the Tropicanna Canna, so bright and colourful.

  84. Sarah says:

    I’d go for a bonfire begonia- my favourite 🙂

  85. Maria Knight says:

    I would LOVE to plant the Volcano phlox in Pink with Red eye in my garden- it is desperate for a boost of colour after we lost our Dahlias in the frost this winter just passed.

  86. Maria Knight says:

    Have also tweeted as @mariajkknight

  87. ali thorpe says:

    I love the sight of the garden filled with flowers but I would definitely go for a few Cordylines to fill in the gaps and give movement.

  88. Samantha Wesley says:

    Because would brighten up my garden no-end 🙂

  89. Trish says:

    I would love the Bonfire begonias in my garden

  90. Trish says:

    I have tweeted @TrishO1

  91. Suzanne sendell says:

    Amazing prize
    tweeted @wooohooo2me

  92. Sue Robinson says:

    I love the Fairy Magnolia blush as it is so pretty so that would be a must, I would also go for the Rock and Roll alstroemeria as it is so eyecatching

  93. Allan says:

    I was actually thinking about planting a magnolia, so I would choose that.

  94. Allan says:

    Tweeted @alsmonster

  95. Jane says:

    Love roses so would pick Flower Carpet APPLEBLOSSOM

  96. nadia alex says:

    I love the gorgeous colours of the Volcano phlox 🙂

  97. nadia alex says:

    Have also tweeted @nadiamsealex

  98. Sarah Parker says:

    I like the snowstorm as well 🙂

  99. Sarah Parker says:

    I have tweeted 🙂

  100. Christine Mutter says:

    The Volcano Phlox looks amazing, would love this in my garden

  101. Christine Mutter says:

    Tweeted as well @cmutter

  102. Georgina Ball says:

    I love the Bonfire begonias

  103. Paul Witney says:

    Volcano Phlox

  104. Paul Witney says:

    Have tweeted – @pepicola3

  105. Charlotte Morris says:

    I would plant the black tulip jury magnolia, really unusual

  106. Samantha Wesley says:

    I’ve Tweeted – @samanthawesley

  107. Georgia Keogh says:

    I would have to for the Bonfire begonias, so pretty!

  108. Denise S says:

    agapanthus are my favourite so the storm agapanthus in bluestorm would be my choice. i have just got a new garden and so exicited to see how it develops over the year surrently there are bluebells in it.

  109. Nicola B says:

    The Volcano phlox, a really vibrant flower with a fantastic name!

  110. lisa williams says:

    I just love the volcano phlox such a glorious adundance of fowers all of summer. Love it

  111. Wow, I have just the place in my garden for a Magnolia. This space has been empty for some time while we have benn deciding what to put there.

  112. angela sandhu says:

    Gift Hydrangea range is lovely

  113. emma jenkinson says:

    Flower Carpet Roses, tweeted too 🙂

  114. Gordon Done says:

    I would love the Black Tulip Magnolia!!

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