Book Review: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Let me start by saying that if you have not yet read Divergent by Veronica Roth, the first in this trilogy then stop reading this review and go read it immediately!

Right, now, read it? OK, good. In Insurgent, we meet up again with Tris and Four and their small band of survivors from Divergent as they travel to the Amity compound where they and any other survivors of the Erudite simulation are being given sanctuary. It’s so difficult to review this book without giving away spoilers, but it focuses much more on Dauntless and Erudite and the in-fighting caused by the attack on Abnegation.

Since I can’t tell you much more without spoiling it, I’ll just say that I was totally blown away by this book. I was amazed when I read Divergent that I liked it so much and was worried that no sequel could ever be as good – was I dead wrong! Insurgent is every bit as good as Divergent and then adds so much more to the characters. Tris and Four are still an endearing couple, but Roth adds so many layers to their relationship, giving them some pretty tough times to deal with. There are moments when you can really see that they are only 16 and 18 respectively, but at other times they so strong and mature but this never seems forced.

What I really liked about the book is that it never lapses into a black and white definition of good and evil – although there are evil characters and at the start it seems that Erudite are an evil faction, by the end you can see that there may be motivations for their actions that aren’t as clear as all of that and, I hate to pre-blow your mind, but THE ENDING IS SUCH AN AMAZING SURPRISE!!

This book is just brilliant and I’m already desperate to read the third, and final, book but that’s not going to be until at least next year. There are some twists, turns, surprises and some all-out action and Tris and Four are right at the centre of it all!

If you’ve not read Divergent yet then I recommend that thoroughly and then I won’t need to recommend Insurgent as you’ll HAVE to read it straight away. If I was giving books scores I’d have to give this ten out of ten for being a tense, action-packed reads that I couldn’t put down!

Note: This review is based on an Advance Reader’s Copy of Insurgent, provided by Harper Collins.

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