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Another video post today, just because I wanted to write about Glee, but G was already taken. I think the US is further ahead but in the UK last week they showed the episode where Dave Karofsky, the Jock who realised a while back that he was gay, but hated the fact, was outed on Valentine’s Day and then bullied in school and online about it.

The bullying led to him trying to kill himself which was shown in a montage sequence as Blaine, another gay character, sang.

Although Glee is really a frivolous programme I can’t help but admire the way they portray some very important contemporary issues in a sensitive way. Ok, so maybe a real school in Ohio isn’t going to have such a full range of ethnicities and sexual preferences, but this is TV, so it’s great that such a full range of people can be portrayed on an equal footing – I mean, the last Downs Syndrome character I can remember in a US series was the kid from Life Goes On, although correct me if I’m wrong please.

There’s been a fair bit on TV in this country about cyber bullying recently, with presenter Richard Bacon telling the story of his own experiences with trolls and talking to the parents of teenagers who have, sadly, killed themselves after being bullied in this way. Ok, so Glee is fictional, but if seeing this issue portrayed so well and seeing what the consequences could be makes one teenager think twice about posting sickening messages about another, then it should really be applauded.

I’ve included the sequence below as it really was very moving and played well by Max Adler who plays Dave Karofsky. It’s so sad as you watch it as, although still half way through the sequence, you can see what he’s going to do and your heart really goes out to him. The fact that anyone can be driven to take their own life for being gay in this day and age is an utter disgrace.

For more information on these issues then you can take a look at the Stonewall UK site or Bullying UK.

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