World Book Night – I’m a Giver, So Here’s A Giveaway!!

I was lucky enough this year to be chosen as a Giver for World Book Night which takes place on 23rd April. The idea is that a group of people who love reading are assigned a set of books to give out to people who don’t often read. The aim is to introduce some really great books to a new audience, but since I’m garbling the explanation, you can read about it on the World Book Night website.

The book I opted to give is Sleepyhead by Mark Billingham, a book I read some time ago, but really loved as it’s a great introduction to Billingham’s flawed Detective, Tom Thorne and a really involving story.

So I shall toddle of to Gulliver’s Bookshop in Wimborne tomorrow to collect my box of books which, I’m sure, smell and look lovely and in honour of this I have decided that part of my Giving will be a prize in the form of two copies of this brilliant book.

This competition is now closed and the winners are Susan Bowe and Nicola White – Congratulations!

To enter, simply comment and tell me which book you would give to someone if you were given the opportunity.

For an extra, cheeky entry, simply tweet the following, then leave another comment telling me you’ve done so:

“I’ve entered to win Mark Billingham’s Sleepyhead from @svmitche and @worldbooknight:”

Important Notes: The competition will end at 10pm on Saturday 28th April and the winners will be selected at random and notified the next day. If I have not heard from the winner by Sunday 29th April, then I will select another. UK entrants only please. Good luck!

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57 Responses to World Book Night – I’m a Giver, So Here’s A Giveaway!!

  1. Kirsty says:

    Why not get everyone to actually give away the book they’d choose by taking part in Complementary World Book Night –

  2. Laura says:

    I would give away gone with the wind, one of my all time favourites 🙂 or any Stephen king novel 🙂

  3. Kay Beer says:

    I would give away: Fingersmith by Sara Waters it is a brilliant read & I can’t/won’t give away the plot you will just have to try it to find out!

  4. JO JONES says:

    I would give any one of the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling because they are great for young or old and fire the imagination

  5. Karen Ward says:

    Id give away any James Herbert book, he captures my attention everytime!

  6. Mary Hutton says:

    Would give away any of Maeve Binchy’s book – loved Minding Frankie, is addictive!


    sounds a wonderful book

  8. Ann M says:

    I’d give away The Collaborator by Margaret Leroy. This is a great read. I couldn’t put it down.

  9. Ann M says:

    Have tweeted @cherry271949

  10. graham says:

    I would give away The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart.

  11. Alice Matthews says:

    I would give The House on Paradise Street by Sofka Zinovieff. It is a superbly written account of life in Greece in the second war with subtle comparisons to the current crisis in Greece. Early in the book one of the characters comments on how little the English knew of what happened in Greece. The book was historically accurate an I learned so much more about Greek history. Some of its themes were universal and subtly handed; I often did not realise how they had been woven into the story until near the end.

  12. Katie Skeoch says:

    The Gruffalo is a great book, I buy it for all my friends kiddies x

  13. suan says:

    Quintens by Maeve Binchy. In fact I gave it to my friend last night

  14. Karis says:

    I would give away Fear Nothing by Dean Koontz, it’s a delightful mix of horror and comedy.

  15. Karen Colquhoun says:

    a curious tale of the dog in the night.

    i found it a very good and fascinating read 🙂

  16. Stewart Johnston says:

    I think my choice would probably be “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” by Mark Haddon. It’s a really engaging book.

  17. Heather Graham says:

    I would give “The Road Home” by Rose Tremain, its such a touching book and one that will stay with me forever.

  18. Heather Graham says:

    Tweeted too!

  19. HAYLEY WYNN says:

    a little princess i love that story

  20. Antonia Rookley says:

    I look forward to giving my daughter a copy of Little Women when she is old enough (she is 2 at the moment!). It is such a touching and beautifully written book. I continue to read it over and over again and hope that she will.

  21. Claire Butler says:

    When the wind blows by James Patterson

  22. Claire Butler says:

    have tweeted @bbdiva1977

  23. Helen Aiken says:

    I would give away a Paul Johnston novel – Probably one from the Quint Dalrymple series. I just loved reading this crime series set in the future, mainly around Edinburgh.

  24. Helen Aiken says:

    I’ve tweeted the message “I’ve entered to win Mark Billingham’s Sleepyhead from @svmitche and @worldbooknight:” as @GromitFan1

  25. Joanna Coleshill says:

    I’d give away Kissing in Manhattan by David Schickler, my favourite book and one not that many people have heard of.

  26. Kelly Hooper says:

    I would give away ‘Little Women’ it was a huge part of my reading when I was younger and originally given to me by my mother. Hopefully when shes old enough I will be able to pass on my copy to my daughter

  27. karmaperle says:

    Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon. Great book – first in her Outlander series. Can really recommend the whole series.

  28. karmaperle says:

    Have tweeted @karmaperle

  29. Susan Bowe says:

    I’d give The Collector by John Fowles.

  30. Susan Bowe says:

    I also tweeted @SoozyBee

  31. Solange says:

    1984 to David Cameron

  32. Nicola White says:

    i would give away gone with the wind just a great book 🙂 xx

  33. Nicola White says:

    tweeted @nikkij301

  34. Liz says:

    I’d give The Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving. The first John Irving book I read and I have since enjoyed all of his novels.

  35. tamalyn roberts says:

    i would The Stand by Stephen King, as its my favourite book ever! tweeting too @tamalyn1

  36. Jay Hill says:

    Birdman by Mo Hayder. A fantastic book and an introduction to the amazing character that is Jack Caffery.

  37. Paul Witney says:

    Diana by R F Delderfield

  38. Paul Witney says:

    Have also tweeted – @pepicola3

  39. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    I would give Intensity by Dean Koontz which had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through.

  40. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    I’ve tweeted – @WeeWillieWilkie

  41. Joanne grugel says:

    I’d give a child (as I often do)The borrowers and or Chitty Chitty bang bang delightful books for imagination young ones. Adults I would recommend any Harlen Cohen books, I can never put his books down once I pick them up.

  42. Natalie Henderson says:

    I would give The Magician by Raymond E Feist – such an amazing story!

  43. Julie Davies says:

    The book I’ve most enjoyed reading recently is The Help by Kathryn Stockett so I would give that to as many people as possible and hope they enjoyed it as much as I did

  44. Julie Davies says:

    tweeted as @juliedee4663

  45. Sarah Parker says:

    I love the dark materials

  46. Sarah Parker says:

    i have tweeted 🙂

  47. katherine grieve says:

    1984 such a brilliant brilliant book

  48. katherine grieve says:

    have tweeted about the comp


  49. Caz says:

    I would give the book ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ – I love it

  50. Caz says:

    I’ve tweeted! @cazlovestea

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