The A-Z Challenge – V is for Vanity – #atozchallenge

Watching Embarrassing Bodies on Channel Four this week, they featured a woman who had developed adult acne on her face and was distraught, not so much about the spots themselves but at the scars they would leave behind. Looking at her when her condition had died down I did think the scarring that she ‘just couldn’t live with’ and ‘is ruining my life’ was, to my standards not really anything to write home about and certainly coverable with make up.

This got me thinking though about the differences in our reactions – obviously I know it was not happening to me so I don’t know how she felt, but it struck me that perhaps my thinking ‘oh that’s not too bad’ was more symptomatic of my lack of personal grooming effort, rather than a reflection on her.

Ok, so I’ll admit I don’t really like being fat, but other than that I don’t really think about how I look, hence making no effort to dress up nicely or do anything with make up, moisturisers, my hair etc etc (although I do dye that – there must be a line somewhere!). I wonder if perhaps as I’m getting older, I should begin to think more seriously about these things?

So, I think some resolutions might be in order. I have decided that I will:

1. Always moisturise face and body before bed (especially hands – Dermatitis, owie!)
2. Wear make up at the very least on nights out, even if this is just to a friend’s house and DEFINITELY wear makeup if going somewhere fancy
3. Continue to use Thinking Slimmer SlimPods to reinforce my positive weight loss and continue it
4. Think about doing something with my hair (ideas gratefully received)
5. Bow to the inevitable and start getting my moustache waxed when I get my eyebrows done :0(

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3 Responses to The A-Z Challenge – V is for Vanity – #atozchallenge

  1. Kirsty says:

    I moisturise when I remember – very bad at doing this at night but manage it some mornings. Since I’ve gone underactive I’ve found that my hands are a lot drier and I agree with you on needing to up the hand moisturisation too.
    This waxing malarky sounds painful to me.
    How’s about a Kelly Clarkson do (sorry the link is so long the actual website wouldn’t work) –,r:11,s:57,i:97&tx=68&ty=48

  2. Jay says:

    I didn’t think you had a moustache! If you do it’s certainly not apparent.

    I *have* to moisturise my face liberally after a shower unfortunately, otherwise my skin cracks, but I’ve noticed my hands are even drier and more prone to eczema & dermatitis as I’m getting older & am trying to make more effort to look after them. I’ve also recently noticed wrinkles under my eyes that I swear weren’t there a few months ago *mid life crisis*. I bowed to marketing pressure & bought some anti-wrinkle moisturiser the other day!! *Sigh*. Oh well!

  3. I think as you get older life gets in the way of looking after yourself – you gain other people to look after! I am in the habit of moisturising face twice a day, body most days but hands only when they remind me which is usually too late! Yes, lots of grey reminds me to do my hair dye, but I too only bother with make up on a night out and then not much.
    Hairwise I would say that when I have mine shorter I am more inclined to “try” and make it look good cos it takes less time to blow dry and straighten/style. When its longer I often try and do it quicker so don’t do it properly and it never behaves, so then just gets tied back out of the way – yes my hairdresser did remind me of all this last week 😉

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