Happy Birthday Little Chap!

Last week was my littlest lad’s birthday. I can’t believe he’s already 2, it seems like yesterday he was a baby and now he’s a walking, talking (sometimes stroppy) little chap who has very DEFINITE ideas of what he likes.

His favourite things at the moment (for the next five minutes at least) are Thomas the Tanks Engine, Lightning McQueen and Peppa Pig (well, George mostly, but we’re equal opportunities! so I was really happy to find these personalised Peppa Pig birthday books from Penwizard to add to his birthday gifts.

We all know about personalised gifts, they’re popping up everywhere, but this is the only place that you’ll get a book fully personalised for your child which puts them into Peppa Pig’s world and even draws then as a Peppa-style character. The book was easy to order; simply choose from one of five designs, then add your child’s name and configure the character to look like them and that’s it. You can play with the figure as long as you like to get it right, then simply submit the order.

The site stated that the book would take 7 working days to arrive, but ours arrived in just two days after placing the order, which was brilliant. So, want to see it? Ok:

The front cover – the book has a hard-wearing, glossy finish and shows your child’s character with one of the Peppa characters.

Your child goes out posting invitations with Mr Zebra.

Peppa and George go to your child’s birthday party!

The books are really well produced and well worth the £14.99 cost. If you’re child is a Peppa fan, then it’s a bargain.

Postage on the books is £2.50, but alongside this review, Penwizard are offering you, dear reader, half price on shipping with the code 150920. Just add it to your order on checkout.

Note: We were provided with a personalised book for the purposes of this review but all opinions are, as ever, my own – this was just a really good pressie!

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  1. Jay says:

    That’s just brilliant!

    My Mum got me a personalised book as a child. I was the main character (Jay), the Giraffe was called Yaj, and they’d incorporated the names of my two closest friends and our pet dog! I seem to remember that the circus clown was really unhappy because he didn’t have a name, and I let him share mine! I loved that book for years just because it was so personal. I’m sure little one will love his too 🙂

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