Lord Poppington, I Salute You Sir!

As you may know, I like to review a food product from time to time. Ah, who am I kidding? I LOVE trying new foods, so when I was asked to try Savoury and Sweet‘s new range of popcorn snacks, Lord Poppington’s, I was happy to.

Lord Poppington’s is a premium range of popcorn in four flavours to suit sweet and savoury lovers alike, but for me the stand out flavour was Sweet and Salty. This flavour is a combination of premium Cornish Sea Salt and golden sugar from Barbados which creates the effect of salted caramel, which seems to be popular at the moment. It was, sadly for the diet, very moreish and also an instant hit with the young uns.

As a new product, the flavours that Savoury and Sweet have chosen are pretty good. The Salted popcorn is, of course, a classic and I’ve already mentioned the Sweet and Salty (lush!). The other two flavours are a bit more unique, however, with the Four Cheese having a much more delicate flavour than I had imagined. I tend to find cheesy snack a bit too salty, but these were really nice and also had a hint of herbs. The final flavour wasn’t really to my taste I’m afraid to say. Although Chilli and Lime is a great idea, I found they had a bit too much chilli and not enough lime to suit me but, of course, this is only my personal taste.

The thing I was most impressed with though was the fact that out or a dozen packs only one had a single unpopped kernel inside – usually I end up cracking my teeth on one of the little blighters and (although the packet did warn there may be unpopped kernels in the pack) they were mercifully absent!

Lord Poppington’s is available online from Amazon and also from selected independent outlets priced from 95p (depending on pack size). For more information take a look at the Lord Poppington’s website or check them out on Twitter or Facebook.

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