Meal Planning Monday – 11th June 2012 – #MealPlanningMonday

So we’re back! After getting hopelessly lost during half term, I’m fairly happy with this week’s plan. We’ve had Saturday when I had my lovely salmon that I love done with white wine and capers and then gammon steaks on Sunday. I’m looking forward to the saucy sausage pasta as I found that this week on BBC Good Food, but the other stuff is pretty much standard for us.

Last week was utterly hopeless, so there’s little to say, but hopefully more next week :0)

Saturday – Salmon for me, Parsley fish/Fishcake for the rest of them
Sunday – Gammon and Salad, Jacket Potato
Monday – Turkey in mushroom sauce
TuesdaySaucy Sausage Pasta
Wednesday – Fish Pie
Thursday – Pizza Tart
Friday – POT LUCK (Leftovers)

For more lovely meal plans take a look at At Home With Mrs M.

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  1. Boysmum2 says:

    You are making some great steps forwards by identifying meals for each day, it will become easier over time

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