Book Review: French Lessons by Ellen Sussman

I’m having a bit of a reading renaissance at the moment. I really love to read but found I hadn’t the time but after discovering GoodReads earlier this year I’ve set myself the challenge of reading 24 books this year and instead of going on Twitter in every spare moment, I’m picking up books instead. My latest read was French Lessons by Ellen Sussman, which I was excited about reading as it doesn’t come out here until 5th July and you know how I love to do things first!

I’m also doubly privileged as Ellen Sussman will be stopping by the blog on her blog tour this July – so it’s a pretty good job I liked it eh??

Anyway, French Lessons begins with three French tutors in Paris, Nico, Phillippe and Chantal meeting at a pavement cafe before beginning their days’ work. They all have their own issues, but as their day progresses we discover that their pupils, Josie, Riley and Jeremy, have problems of their own; Josie was supposed to be in Paris with someone, but she isn’t. Riley is an American Ex-pat discovering that her new life isn’t what she expected and Jeremy is following his actress wife but craving a quiet life. As each of the couples makes their way through a day in Paris, they begin to make sense of their troubles and have some very unexpected adventures in a vividly painted Paris and discover truths that they thought long-buried.

I really flew through this book as it was remarkably easy to read but this doesn’t make it a frivolous read. The prose instantly involves the reader, and each character is written with an appropriate amount of intrigue which is eventually revealed at an easy pace. By using the three pupils in vignettes linked by the tutors, there is just enough detail to tell each of their stories, without them becoming dull, but each is completed in a satisfying way. It’s just a very charming book with erotic and emotional elements that would be perfect as a holiday read.

So, as I’ve said, French Lessons is released on 5th July and Ellen Sussman is going on a blog tour and stopping by here on 13th July. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for Ellen. The full schedule for the blog tour is listed in the side bar.

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